8 Mind-Expanding Smartphone Games

mind blowing smartphone games

We all know that cellphones are fantastic tools for staying organized and productive, but they can also be used to play brain games. Playing brain games has been scientifically demonstrated to increase cognitive performance. You’re in luck if you’re one of the numerous smartphone users who like playing games on their device. If you want to exercise your mind, try these smartphone games that will put your intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and memory to the test. There’s plenty for everyone in this compilation, from classics like Tetris and Minesweeper to new sensations like Threes! and Fruit Ninja. So prepare to expose your brain – and your smartphone – to some of the greatest brain games available.

1. The Room

This game is ideal for puzzle enthusiasts. You must solve a series of progressively tough three-dimensional puzzles in The Room. The Room will keep your head occupied for hours with its stunning visuals and realistic mechanics. To succeed in this game, players must think outside the box, making it ideal for those looking for a new challenge. It provides the ideal mix of logic, problem-solving, and memory problems. It has also received tremendous critical praise and has won multiple accolades. This great game can be easily downloaded via the pirate bay.

2. Threes!

It’s all about matching numbers in this game. The objective is to combine tiles in a four-by-four grid until you reach the number three – or greater multiples thereof. The value of the tiles rises with each subsequent combination. At the same time,  it may appear simple at first, Threes! rapidly becomes highly challenging and addicting. In order to advance, players must think carefully about which moves to make. This game is ideal for people looking to improve their mental math abilities.

3. Limbo

As you navigate your way through a perilous woodland, dodging lethal traps and completing physics-based puzzles, you’ll experience both exhilaration and uneasiness. Limbo will send shivers down your spine with its minimalist aesthetics and ominous music, but its brain-teasing puzzles will have you coming back for more. Furthermore, the game has precise controls and a gentle learning curve, making it simple to pick up and addictive. It also lets you to play at your own pace, allowing you time to consider each challenge before proceeding.

4. Eidetic

This memory game will help you enhance your working memory and short-term recollection. Eidetic provides you with a list of things to remember and then tests you on it after a set amount of time has elapsed. The catch is that each round’s list of objects grows larger and more tough. If you want to get to the end, you’ll need to apply creative tactics like forming associations and using mnemonic devices. This software is ideal for those who wish to exercise their brain without becoming annoyed.

5. Terraria

Exploration, battle, and mining are all important aspects of this game. Terraria is a wonderful brain training, even if it doesn’t appear such at first sight. Players must make strategic decisions all the time, such as when to fight and when to retreat. The game also has a large globe with plenty of nooks and crannies for players to get lost in. Terraria is the game for you if you want an adventure that will take up hours of your time and keep your brain humming the entire time. Furthermore, anyone who appreciates vintage video games will enjoy the game’s nostalgic aesthetics.

6. Monument Valley

It’s all about perspective in this game. Players must manipulate the building surrounding Princess Ida to lead her through mazes. The hitch is that players can only see what Ida sees, therefore they must use their intellect to figure out how to rotate the levels so she may continue. This game is as much an adventure as it is a brain teaser, and you will remember it for a long time. It also has the added benefit of being very stunning.

7. Badland

Players control a little creature as it walks through a lovely but perilous forest in this side scrolling game. The goal is to travel as far as possible while avoiding hazards. This may appear to be a simple game, but it gradually becomes more complex, demanding quick reflexes and problem-solving abilities. Badland is one of the most distinctive games on our list, with its unique aesthetics and physics-based gameplay. Furthermore, users may compete with their friends to see who can go the most distance.

8. Minecraft

This list’s most popular game is also one of the most inventive. Players can explore a computer generated planet composed solely of bricks in Minecraft. They have the ability to construct anything they want, from houses to castles to whole towns. Minecraft is a wonderful game for people who wish to train their creative and problem-solving abilities because the possibilities are unlimited. Players can take on an extra challenge by attempting to live in a dangerous environment with monsters that emerge at night.


To conclude, the aforementioned mind-expanding smartphone games are beneficial to people of all ages. By presenting an enjoyable and exciting task, they can aid in the improvement of cognitive performance. Give them a shot the next time you need a break from your daily routine.