Best Gaming Chair Brands on the Market

In recent years, gaming has evolved from a mere hobby to a bona fide lifestyle, with a few players even being able to make a good living within this relatively new landscape. This evolution has been fascinating to observe and experience, and it is sometimes difficult - or at least, baffling - to remember that this all started with simple machines like the Atari.

Nowadays, of course, both PC and console gaming have cemented themselves as the best ways to play, with many opting for the former in order to engage in more competitive play. This has opened up a rapidly growing and expansive market, with numerous accessories, modifications, and upgrades becoming available for all platforms, in particular, PCs.

Regardless of your platform, however, there is one gaming accessory that many players have come to own. While they certainly are not necessary to experience the joy and excitement of playing a video game, dedicated gaming chairs can provide supreme levels of comfort and allow players to truly relax and focus solely on their gameplay.

Indeed, the gaming chair is clearly here to stay, and it has already left quite the mark on the market, with numerous companies trying their hand at providing gamers with unprecedented levels of comfort. There are so many different brands, in fact, that it can be difficult to keep track of them all and discern between the best and worst of the lot.

Luckily, we are in your corner, because in this article, we are going to highlight some of the best gaming chair brands on the market.

Best Gaming Chair Brands


We are starting our list off with a brand that you may very well already be familiar with. After all, no list about gaming chairs is complete without some mention of DXRacer, and this time, they get the honor of being our top entry.

Indeed, DXRacer has certainly made quite the name for itself since the company’s inception way back in 2001. Plenty of gamers have mentioned the company as their favorite brand, most notably Ninja, of both Twitch and Mixer streaming fame.

Cleary, the brand has plenty of popularity, but what about the products themselves? Is there anything particularly noteworthy or special about them?

The answer is yes.

DXRacer has a great lineup of different products, and it is not limited to the chairs that made them famous. That being said, they still have plenty of places to seat your bottom. All of DXRacer’s chairs are very well-designed, maintaining a healthy balance between sleekness, style, and amazing comfort levels.

Now, because the company has been around for some time and has consistently been releasing products, there are bound to be a few bad picks. Luckily, the good far outweighs the bad, and if you do end up going with DXRacer as your chosen brand, you will not be disappointed.

GT Omega

Next on our list is GT Omega, which is another immensely popular brand. There are almost as many, if not more, fans of GT Omega as there are of DXRacer, and it is not difficult to see why.

For starters, GT Omega was first established nearly eight years after DXRacer. This may seem like a handicap at first, but the timing of the company’s inception allowed its founders to analyze the market far better than DXRacer ever could. Because of this, GT Omega was quickly able to catch up to the trends and even surpass DXRacer.

In general, GT Omega is seen as the more “sophisticated” brand of the two. Of course, this does not at all mean that the quality of DXRacer’s chairs is worse, but the two brands clearly have different design philosophies.

This difference can be seen in the chairs themselves. Whereas DXRacer’s chairs have a “motorsport” aesthetic about them, GT Omega’s chairs maintain a more sleek appearance that is far more minimalistic in its approach but completely and undeniably stylish, nonetheless.

In order to maintain this aesthetic, however, GT Omega’s range of chairs is rather limited compared to DXRacer’s, whose many chairs sport a variety of colors and finishes. This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on whether or not you are a fan of variety.

Ultimately, both GT Omega and DXRacer are great brands in their own right, and it is hard to compare the two negatively against one another. Ultimately, your choice between them will come down to personal preference, but we can assure you that you will be in capable hands no matter which one you decide to go with.


With a name like that, it should come as no surprise that Corsair is the more roguish entry on our list. That is because Corsair has placed a particular emphasis on gaming hardware as a whole rather than focusing specifically on places to rest your posterior. Despite this, their chairs are of an exceptionally high level of quality and comfort.

Indeed, Corsair has the design sensibilities of GT Omega with the accessibility of DXRacer. Their lineup features a great selection of chairs with a good balance of comfort and style. You could pick any one chair from the lineup, and you are bound to be satisfied with your choice.

Then again, none of this should come as any surprise, since this is a list of the top gaming chair brands on the market, after all. Rest assured that you will be happy with your chair from Corsair.


That was our list of the best gaming chair brands on the market. Hopefully, we have been able to aid you along if you were struggling with your decision before. If not, then it is enough that this article has proven entertaining and informative.

Rest assured that you will be satisfied with your product no matter which of these gaming chairs you choose. They are the best, after all. So what are you waiting for? Head out and find which one suits you and your gaming needs the best and enjoy a comfortable and supported gaming session!