Best Gaming Chairs Under $200: The Budget Picks

Gaming chairs need special features to make them perfect to be used for gaming as well as binge-watching purposes. They need to be comfortable enough to make it easy to keep on playing games for many hours.

It is also pretty time-consuming to sit and search for the right gaming chair at the right price point. In this review, we will take away the hassle and bring the shop to your office or home for your convenience.

So, go through the list of the best gaming chairs under $200 below to find the right gaming chair to suit your preferences.

Comparison Chart

Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair

Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair

SOONTRANS Gaming Chair

Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Gank Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 Reviews

Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair

This versatile gaming chair comes with a nice aesthetic design to make it a great gaming chair for a nice display option. It also comes with many features included to make your gaming much more fun while still maximizing comfort and style.


This gaming chair comes with quite a sturdy and robust base, making it durable to carry a lot of weight in the seat. The strong base attached to this chair will help to withstand all rough handling it will get from the professional gamers in it.

Attached to the 5-star base, you have 5 smooth-rolling double wheel casters to move around while sitting on it quite comfortably, as well as when relocating it. This feature will just add to the mobility and versatility of the gaming chair provided by Flash Furniture.

The back of this chair can smoothly recline from 87 degrees to 145 degrees for a full resting position. This means you can take a quick nap while still in the chair to feel refreshed and ready for the next gaming session.

It also comes with quite a durable overall construction to make the gaming chair strong enough to last for many years. The fabric used to build this chair is soft leather to provide you with the ultimate comfort option for many hours of gaming.

With the stylish design of this gaming chair, you can easily use it in many different environments for display purposes. Another great feature about this racing style gaming chair is that it comes with a decent price tag attached to it.

However, it is not easy to assemble the chair, so this might frustrate some of the gamers with little technical experience out there. You also may need someone to lend you a hand when it is time to assemble and set this chair up.

Furthermore, this gaming chair provided by Flash Furniture comes with quite a low maximum load capacity of only around 280 pounds.


  • It is equipped with a reasonably strong base
  • The chair has smooth-rolling casters included
  • It comes with easy to use adjustment levers
  • This chair has a stylish design


  • It is not the most straightforward chair to assemble
  • This gaming chair holds less than 300 pounds

Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a gaming chair that comes with all the necessary features, this is the one to go for. This gaming chair will be a favorite among all types of gamers out there.


The wide seating space you have with this gaming chair will provide a lot of moving space for even the larger gamers. This means you will have enough space, so you do not feel pinched, and your legs will get ample blood flow.

With a maximum load capacity of up to 400 pounds, this gaming chair will comfortably hold the bigger serious gamers out there. This leaves enough space and load capacity for you and your pet when it wants to cozy up with you.

The high load capacity is possible because of the very strong base that is added to the gaming chair from Atelerix. Also, the strong class 3 hydraulic lift system makes it very easy for the chair to carry a high weight.

With the adjustable lumbar support you get with this gaming chair, even taller gamers will get proper back support. This makes the chair quite a comfortable gaming zone together with the neck support that is included.

The fully adjustable armrests make it possible to be used with quite a wide range of gamer sizes. This will provide a proper resting place for the arms, wrists, and shoulders for a healthy posture all the time.

however, there is no footrest included with this gaming chair which makes it difficult for the taller gamers to properly relax fully stretched out. This will take away some of the gaming chair’s versatility and usability, which may discourage potential buyers.

If you are a pet lover, be mindful of this chair’s fabric, as you will find it difficult to remove the hair from it.


  • This chair comes with a wide seat
  • It has a high maximum load capacity
  • The lumbar support of this chair is adjustable
  • It comes with a very strong lifting mechanism


  • No footrest is included with the chair
  • It is not very easy to keep clean

SOONTRANS Gaming Chair

With the beautiful design of this chair, you can easily use it for a nice office chair to improve the overall aesthetics. The fact that it is available in different colors will just improve your choice of selection, excluding the fact that it is also very comfortable.


When you lay eyes on this gaming chair, you will start feeling relaxed just at the prospect of sitting in the chair. It does not just look and feel inviting and comfortable but will also completely meet your expectations!

With quite comfortable seating, you will be able to improve your kill to death ratio as well as the overall gaming experience. The fabric used is high-quality, and you also get high-density foam included to provide ample support for your bottom.

To further improve the comfortability of this gaming chair provided by Soontrans, you also have a comfortable retracting footrest included. This will help you to fully stretch out if you need to completely relax the whole body for a well-needed resting session.

You also have very easy to adjust controls, so you can easily adjust the chair to the preferred setting for work, play, or rest. This is even better with the reclining backrest that can adjust from 90 degrees to a very relaxing 160 degrees.

The frame of this gaming chair is made from very strong and durable materials that will last for many years of gaming. It will also help support your weight, as well as the rough handling gamers usually throw at their chairs.

Unfortunately, this chair does not have a high maximum load capacity as it can only hold up to around 230 pounds. This is not good news for the heavier gamers out there who also want to make use of the great features of this gaming chair.

It also comes with a short one-year warranty as if the manufacturer does not have any trust in their chairs.


  • A very comfortable retractable footrest included
  • Very quiet wheels attached to the base
  • It is easy to adjust and use
  • Made with a durable frame construction


  • It does not have a high maximum load capacity
  • This chair may not be ideal for taller gamers

Qulomvs Big and Tall Gaming Chair

With the ergonomic design of this chair, you will not get tired easily or too quickly while you are sitting in it. This means you can work, play, and rest in this chair all day long while you are feeling refreshed all the time.


This gaming chair is large and very sturdy with quite a high backrest to accommodate even the taller people out there. It comes with a nice strong construction as well as a sturdy base to support very big and tall gamers with ease.

With quite a high maximum load capacity of up to 400 pounds, this chair will hold you and your pet quite easily. It will also provide you with many years of great gaming and work experience with a strong design that improves the longevity of the chair.

A wide seating area makes room for all gamers out there, so they will feel free and comfortable in this gaming chair. This will help to keep them safe and healthy as well, with ample blood flow for the legs and thighs.

The armrests of this chair provide sturdy support for the arms and wrists, so you do not get tired quickly. It will also promote a healthy posture while fully supporting the shoulders and the upper body for the correct seating position.

It may not seem like a great deal, but the design of this chair makes it suitable to be used in any office or home environment. The fact that it is available in different colors just enhances the aesthetic ability of this gaming chair.

There is, unfortunately, a negative factor about this chair, and that is the cushions included with it are a bit hard. This may cause the blood flow in the legs to slow down after many hours of sitting.

Also, the very handy messaging feature included in the backrest needs to be plugged in for it to do the job.


  • It has quite a wide seating area
  • Comes with comfortable armrests
  • It has a very strong overall construction
  • The chair is available in different colors


  • Cushioning of this chair is a bit hard
  • The messaging feature needs to be plugged in

Gank Gaming Chair

For the average gamer who needs all the extras, this gaming chair from Gank will do the trick and more. It will also provide you with the ultimate relaxing factor with excellent stability to add to your gaming experience.


This comfortable gaming chair comes with quite a sturdy design and construction to make it last longer for many hours of happy gaming. It also comes with quite a strong heavy-duty steel frame to make it even more durable and sturdy to support your weight.

The chair’s adjustment controls make it easy to adjust to the perfect position for much better support and comfort. This means you will not have those nasty backaches and neck and shoulder pains after many hours of gaming in this chair.

With the very durable fabric that is used in the construction of this gaming chair, it also is breathable to stay cool for much longer. The leather is relatively easy to clean, and you can keep it clean with a simple wipe with a wet cloth to remove the dirt.

This chair can rotate 360 degrees to make it easy to use for a variety of office and gaming applications. The backrest will also easily recline from 90 to 180 degrees to provide the ultimate relaxing option.

Everything you need for the complete assembly of this gaming chair is included in the package, even the necessary tools. The user’s manual instructions are also very clear to make it quite easy to assemble this gaming chair.

However, the caster wheels included with the gaming chair from Gank do not run as smoothly as you want them to roll. This will take away some of the gaming chair’s mobility and make it quite slow and difficult to quickly move around.

The chair also does not come with a very long warranty.


  • Everything needed for assembly included
  • This chair is easy to keep clean
  • A strong frame included
  • Quite easy to follow assembly instruction in the manual


  • This chair does not come with a long warranty
  • Caster wheels do not run very smooth


After much consideration, we have decided on the Big Gaming Chair from Qulomvs thanks to the chair’s high comfort factor. It also comes with enough movement space inside the chair to keep you healthy and safe.

In second place, we have the Ventris gaming chair from Atelerix, also with great features included. This chair comes with quite a high maximum load capacity so it can be used by most gamers out there.