Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers 2021: Best Picks

As more game developers pay more attention to their soundtracks and voice acting, it’s no surprise that gamers have begun designing their rigs to enhance the listening experience.

In fact, along with the 82% spending spike in gaming accessories, Google noted a 400% search increase for gaming chairs with speakers. If you’re one of these gamers looking to fully immerse yourself in your game’s auditory landscape, here are some of the best and most specialized gaming chairs on the market:

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Delta Audio eSports Gaming Chair


A durable and adjustable gaming chair, the Delta Audio is a force to be reckoned with. Designed to be able to support up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms), this seat features a pedestal base with five lockable caster wheels and a generous seat. Suitable for both taller and shorter gamers, the seat can be adjusted by up to 4 inches so your neck is always fully cushioned. Plus, it’s padded with foam and upholstered in faux leather, making it easy to clean up and resistant to tears.

The 2.0 Bluetooth speakers are positioned right by the headrest for surround sound quality and can play non-stop for up to four hours. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, these speakers are rechargeable and can drink up power relatively quickly. Depending on how drained the speakers previously were, you can get back into the game in as little as 30 minutes of charging.

Pros & Cons


  • The seat offers extra neck support cushions to relieve common gamer pains.
  • Given its wider profile, blood flow isn’t restricted during long hours of gaming.


  • Has a relatively short battery life than other chairs.
  • One of the more expensive niche chairs.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers


One of the best gaming chairs with speakers available, the GTRACING gaming chair is also one of the most affordable. The PU leather upholstered chair can be customized in the color of your choosing, making it perfect for streamers or pro-gamers looking to personalize their look.

The base is covered in foam cushioning, and the nylon casters are skid-proof. This upright gaming chair has also integrated some basic ergonomic support, like removable neck and lumbar cushions. On top of this, the armrests, backrest, and footrest are adjustable and flexible. The dual speakers themselves are positioned on either wing, so they’ll be shoulder-height for most. Usable for up to six hours at a time, this chair’s Bluetooth speakers have some of the best signal integrity today. This means that gamers can enjoy prolonged use without sacrificing sound quality as the charge drains.

Pros & Cons


  • Each chair’s color scheme can be customized.
  • The built-in adapter is compatible with both PC and console gaming.
  • Highly adjustable for maximum gaming comfort.


  • Some reviewers have shared the chair re-orienting itself to default heights.
  • Speaker-height may be too low or too high for some users.

X Rocker Surge


For those who prioritize comfort, the unusual design of the X Rocker Surge may be the answer. Designed for floor gaming, this seat doesn’t have an armrest or footrest. However, it is designed to relieve the pressure on the back and encourage the user to relax their body. Although it’s free from any of the usual design elements of a gaming chair like the wide wings or large pedestal—it doesn’t scrimp on the sound. Enabled with 2.1 Bluetooth audio setups, the Surge features a speaker on both sides of the headrest plus a rear subwoofer. To preserve the integrity of its components, this chair is among the continuous slew of wireless and portable tech which is driving up the demand for flex PCBs. It’s thanks to this innovation that the Surge can provide crisp sound despite not having a fixed or rigid design.

Pros & Cons


  • Space-efficient for smaller spaces.
  • Has a built-in audio control panel.


  • Quite heavy.
  • May be too small for taller gamers.

Final Verdict

Admittedly, gaming chairs with speakers are more expensive than other standard options. This may lead some to wonder if they’re even worth it. Ultimately, though, it depends on your gaming style. If you’re somebody who enjoys the fully-fleshed out gaming experience, then these chairs are a worthy investment that’ll enhance your in-game immersion.

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