Do Gaming Chairs Make you Play Better?

Ever since video games have become known to the world as a mainstream hobby, we have seen a boom in the gaming industry with the focus on enhancing the gaming experience. From new games with brand new, innovative mechanics and experiences to better, upgraded hardware and systems to further push the limits of what technology can do for us, the gaming industry has quickly grown to become one of the largest in the world.

It makes sense that there are varieties of different gaming paraphernalia out there for all gamers of any caliber. Be it a fancy headset, a water-cooled rig, or a multi-screen setup, every gamer has something that immediately identifies them as a gamer. One such item is the iconic gaming chair.

As something that doesn't directly affect your system or game, the question is whether it helps to use a gaming chair over any old wooden chair you have lying around. As it turns out, there are several benefits to gaming chairs over other chairs. These benefits are specially catered to gamers and their habits. In this article, we will cover some of the benefits of gaming chairs and how they can enhance your experience and potentially make you a better player.

Why Use a Gaming Chair?

There are some benefits to using a gaming chair, comfort being chief among them. Sure, it looks cool to have a racing-style chair to slump into every day when you hop on with your friends, but there are actually a few key components that go into its clever design.

Modeled after racing chairs used in racing tournaments, like Formula 1, they are primarily designed to be comfortable and ergonomic. They are designed to take the strain off your back for when you are enjoying an extended gaming session that goes on for hours at a time.

You could even consider a gaming chair to be a viable and excellent replacement for an office chair, not only for your gaming rig but also in your office. It may look out of place and a bit silly, but the health benefits are quite unmatched.

How Is a Gaming Chair Better?

The standard "blueprint" for any gaming chair - regardless of model, design, and manufacturer - includes adjustability, comfort, and support for all the points that would generally create strains while sitting and gaming/working. This includes your neck, shoulders, back, and lumbar.

The first gaming chair was actually designed and made by the now well-known company DXRacer to remedy and offset the strain in these areas for the massive Starcraft community in Korea. The success of these chairs took off when they found out that using racing chairs boosted productivity in gamers and helped them cope with the long hours in front of a screen. In this way, a gaming chair does help and makes you play better, just not in the direct way you may expect.

The Main Features That Help

As we stated before, these chairs have a very clever design that was borrowed from the racing scene. They utilize many of the same features that help racing drivers stay comfortable and in top form. Some of these features include the following.

Lumbar and neck support: As the two areas that take the most strain while you are sitting and potentially slouching, having these supports is a massive boon to comfortability and will keep you from experiencing potentially permanent damage from constant slouching.

Mesh, padding, and quality materials: These features work hand-in-hand to create a comfortable chair that is breathable and long-lasting. Most chairs come with a synthetic PU leather covering mixed with a breathable mesh to make sure you don't overheat and the chair remains breathable. All chairs also come with plenty of padding to provide a comfortable surface to support you even further.

Adjustability: Another mainstay that is common across the board for all gaming chairs is their adjustable nature. They come with the standard up-down adjustability and an adjustable back and tilt that allows you to recline and relax.

Strong base and framework: What good is a chair that will eventually give out after a few weeks or months? On top of the quality materials, the chair also has a durable, often metal, base that sports office rollers for ease of movement. The chair's frame is also strong and sturdy enough to support a sufficient amount of use and abuse.

How Do These Features Help?

Now that we know the main design schemes of these chairs and what they generally include, you may be asking how this makes you play better. The short answer is that owning a gaming chair won't make you a better player, at least not directly.

The idea behind gaming chairs and why they are so popular and important is because they improve your posture and promote productivity through their various features and designs. A few days after you've made the switch, you'll begin to notice your body begin to loosen up and ease into a correct posture that the chair keeps consistent. Your eyes will be at the correct level with your screens, your back will be straight, your shoulders will be squared and comfortable, and your legs will be at the correct angles.

This all leads to one conclusion - a more comfortable experience that increases productivity removes unnecessary strain, and in the end, increases energy levels due to less exertion on your part. This means you can game for longer, enjoy a more relaxed environment, and not feel sore the next day when you wake up.

This indirectly can make you a better player, as you will be more focused, play and train for longer sessions at a time, and not suffer from a sore back and neck, all of which can be distracting and debilitating.

The Final Verdict

Can a gaming chair make you play better? We asked some of the top gaming coaches. The simple answer? No, it cannot. However, it can undoubtedly help put you on the road to getting better by removing distractions, such as aches and pains. It can also help you remain comfortable and 'in the zone' for longer.