Do You Need a Rocking Chair for Baby?

While arranging your future infant nursery, you are presumably contemplating, “do you need a rocking chair for baby?” While a few mums count on it, some do not utilize it a lot. 

As far as I might be concerned, it is excellent to have this piece of furniture, and I have leveraged my one a multitude of times daily. The chair is my #1 spot to pour out my time with my child.

Would it be a good idea to purchase a rocker? 

I do not particularly appreciate purchasing something that I do not indeed require. At the point when we welcomed the arrival of our 1st infant, we thought a great deal about the necessities of a nursery rocker. My nursery was the house’s littlest room, and we tried to make the space’s best use. 

I have never regretted that I chose to add a rocking chair to that room because:

1. Rocking for the bedtime stories

Trust me, just with the stories at bedtime needs to do a ton of moving gently to and fro. It is well justified, as far as I know. 

For the previous years, I have been speaking with numerous different childcare employees and mothers, and the good news is, most of them think buying a rocker is one of their wisest choices. 

2. Be a comfy and multipurpose place

You have the option to utilize this furniture piece for not only reading stories, feeding, nursing, but also calming, unwinding, and so on.

You may be fond of having a pleasant spot to sit in your nursery; you will not need to take care of your infant in the kitchen or something to avoid waking up other people in your family. 

At the point when you awaken at night, you may be extra glad to get an agreeable seat to unwind on. You would prefer not to carry your little one during the night to the kitchen and uncomfortably sit on a tall chair with the footrest to support your feet – with every light turning on. In other words, it will not be a challenge to return to sleep later.

Such a comfortable seat to unwind into when you are not entirely awake will be a genuine blessing. Indeed, even when your little one becomes older into toddlers, cuddling and reading bedtime stories may as yet be great. 

3. An excellent help in difficult times

Your little one may, at some time, feel unwell, and you should awaken like clockwork. At the point when I was in such a circumstance, I got so relieved to have that agreeable rocker to soothe my infant. As the rocking chair was also in the room that put the crib, returning my child to bed without awakening her was not difficult.

4. Health benefits

In case you do not know, rocking does a fantastic job of building up the youngster’s muscles and enabling their bones to stretch alongside the muscles. That helps with their proper growth.

What is more? Rocking prompts sleep since it boasts of the calming impact by loosening your child up, bringing down their heart rate, and solacing their mind. 

5. An outright need for moms undergoing C-section

It should make your undertakings less arduous. Believe it or not, such a comfortable spot will before long turn into your settling-down area. This chair is an unquestionable requirement for mothers who have gone through C-section because it assists them in positioning themselves more properly when compared to on a bed or couch. Not to mention that it helps them heal faster. 

6. Improve the nursery room appearance

A rocking chair improves the nursery room appearance
A rocking chair improves the nursery room appearance

Last but not least, a rocker works to enhance the look of your nursery room. There is a fascinating thing about a comfortable rocker close to the child’s bassinet. 

You may want to put a vivid back pad on the rocking chair or wrap a blanket over its back to add considerably greater customization and make the furniture piece even more appealing to look at. For your information, there are countless choices for rockers; that is why making due with cumbersome or inferior quality seats is not necessary.

But you do not totally require rocking chairs

Do you need a rocking chair for baby? Some mums do not ever utilize this type of furniture in their infant’s room. 

Truth be told, you may just want to have a spot to stand down, so it does not need to be irrationally costly. 

In addition, there is a decent possibility that you will rely on the rocking chair just at the start. It very well may be gathering dust in the space inevitably.

Some young children do not remain still adequately long for a story before bed.

And there are also some other reasons you may not want to include the rocking chair in the nursery room. We are going to specify them below and suggest some of their best solutions.

Some of the noteworthy alternatives or solutions

If the cost is the problem

1. Buy a second-hand rocking chair, to begin with

From the start, you have the choice to get one inexpensively on Craigslist, at yard sales, and all that.

In case you utilize the rocking chair each day, as I have been doing, you may want to bring home the model which matches more smoothly into your place’s style.

2. Redesign the second-hand purchase

Or on the other hand, you are likely to set aside the effort to improve the rocker you purchased second hand. More often than not, it is just the pads/ cushions that should recover or be expertly spotless. That is a genuinely well-priced alternative.

3. Other options

A couple of moms utilize:

  • Their bedroom 
  • The sofa
  • The couch
  • An office chair
  • A regular chair
  • Large exercise balls
  • A normal wooden rocker
  • Hammock
  • Stroller 
  • A seamless combination of any of the seats mentioned above in addition to a great breastfeeding pillow, thus making it increasingly agreeable.

All in all, any agreeable but firm seat can work to some extent – simply add a pad/ cushion. It will be great if it is wide. I believe that having the option to adjust to feeding in various kinds of seats is worth it; else, you may become less flexible as you are out and about. 

If space is your concern

Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair
Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Then, refer to some of these best picks for the small space:

If your first and foremost priority is enhanced customization & comfort regardless of the product’s higher price

Do you need a rocking chair for baby? Some find it is necessary, while a few people incline toward a recliner or a glider. These items will, in general, be more agreeable and have ample space. They likewise will not make more noise when compared to rocking.

An average rocker may generate a squeaking sound in case your house’s hardwood flooring is old, which is likely to get aggravating. As lovely as such an antique rocking chair from your grandma sounds from the outset, it might squeak. In this way, you have the option to move up to an advanced glider. 

In the event that your room has the carpet, based on its thickness, your rocker probably does not rock as seamlessly as the glider. 

One thing to note: It will be fantastic if the glider you go with comes with the locking mechanism that keeps the seat from moving at times that you do not need it to. 

In the event that you opt for a recliner, bear in mind that it very well might be enticing, but dozing off when holding your infant is unacceptable in terms of safety. As you know, they are likely to, without intending, take off your arms. Furthermore, ensure there is not anything under the ottoman before you push it back down.

Some of the best gliders out there these days for your reference:

Carter's by Davinci Adrian Swivel Glider
Carter’s by Davinci Adrian Swivel Glider

What if your concern is the rocking chair’s safety?

Please keep in mind that none of the furniture is entirely safe; rockers are not an exception. They have been around kids for a long time, and it is safe to say that these rocking chairs are free from harm when you utilize them correctly. However, you are all in all correct to worry over your children’s small fingers becoming squeezed under this furniture piece. 

I looked through the information and discovered various items to lock the rocker in place or limit the danger of falling off or squeezing your kids’ fingers. 

1. Rocker stoppers

In case your rocker, in general, tilts excessively far forward or back, you have the choice to include two plugs made out of rubber at the two ends. They are constructed to reduce the amount of rocking movement.

Also, including these stoppers in the chair should limit its surface that your child may squeeze his fingers.

2. Rocker wedge

It can do something very similar to the rocking chair to the squares placed under the trailer wheel. The wedge is capable of impeding the rocker from moving.

You may want to purchase the rubber wedge designed particularly for a rocker. Yet, you can likewise utilize the similar wedge you may be as of now leveraging at your house to obstruct entryways from shutting. Simply place two rubber wedges under the rocking chair’s two arcs, and the chair will then become secured. 

a mother nursing baby in a rocking chair

Please keep in mind that the way is not actually childproof in light of the fact that your child is likely to take the wedges off; however, it can be useful.

Else, you may want to leverage wooden shims to make your DoItYourself version. Just stack four and paste them with each other. If you wish to make them a smooth mix and match with your stylistic layout, you can – for example, paint them a similar color to your flooring.

3. Cover the rocker

A few mothers place a cover on the rocking chair at times that they are not utilizing it. It would appear as a bar-b-que cover.

What if excessive sleep association is your worry?

In any case, there is a “however” in the act of rocking. As you know, rocking a youngster to rest reduces your burden until he becomes a couple of months old. However, when he gets older, it is likely to lead to trouble called sleep association. 

Nursing, singing, or rocking a child to rest may turn into a habit, so he will await a similar routine no matter when you attempt to put him to sleep or at whatever point he awakens amidst the night. Otherwise, more than likely, he possibly feels alone or something. This can represent an issue. 

Yet, it does not imply that you should get rid of rocking out and out; else, both of you may miss the unwinding. I suggest rocking your youngster until he gets drowsy yet still not asleep. Afterward, carry him to his crib. 

That way can instruct him to rest without anyone/ anything else. What’s more, he will not grow the desolate feeling when awakening amidst the night. 

In a nutshell: Do you need a rocking chair for baby? Indeed, you do not totally require a rocker, particularly in case your space is way too small. But be that as it may, each one of those hours, cuddling with your infant into that rocker will become essential for your recollections until the end of time. It is undeniably an incredibly unforgettable and precious moment for you with your child.

How to select a rocking chair 

It is not inexpensive to set up an infant’s room, and chances are, you are presumably somewhat reluctant to invest more cash in a rocker. With that being said, do not give up on that idea, moms. There are valid justifications to think about getting it after you have read through the reasons mentioned above.  

Besides, in contrast to some other infant items, it is alright in case you purchase a second-hand rocking chair. Simply ensure you buy a model with the sturdy seat (and the entirety of the parts are ready to function effectively), safe (which implies no sharp edges or something that children can hurt their toes, etc.), and in by-and-large acceptable condition. 

Or what if you are prepared to buy a rocker? This is what to search for:

1. Supportive cushioning

Regardless of anything else, the best rockers should be agreeable to sit in for extensive stretches of time. Search for padded arms; plus, the back should be sufficiently high to help with your head. You may like the thick foam or something supports the seat cushion. A few choices accompany the lumbar support pillow, being a plus point. 

Please note that you may likewise want to prop the infant’s head or your arm leveraging the pillow in case you mean to utilize the seat as the breastfeeding seat.

2. Comfortable yet firm seat

It would help if you certainly had the rocking chair to be agreeable; however, ensure the seat is not too soft to such an extent that you feel like sinking into it and could only have back up with significant effort. All things considered, as you have, at long last, had your infant rest, you will not want to have a hard time standing up and face the possibility of awakening your baby.

3. Wide seat

Regardless of whether you are calming or feeding your little one, you will need some additional space to move around and become comfy. That is especially evident in case you are looking for a breastfeeding seat, as you will likely attempt an assortment of breastfeeding positions prior to counting on some that radiate the most fantastic feeling for the infant and you. 

Likewise, it is wise of you to use the rocker with your nursing pillow on the lap to ensure it meets your required purpose (now and then, the seat is excessively narrow or the arms of the chair are overly high. Also, a more extensive seat implies your nursery seat will keep abreast of your growing and developing kid – in light of the fact that before you realize it, you will be reading the story before bed to a student attending preschool. 

4. Sturdy fabric 

The rocking chair will see something reasonable of liquid spilling out of a cup, etc.; that is why ensure the upholstery is capable. Search for a woven texture without fraying and which is not difficult to clean. If it is machine-washable, it will be the best. 

You may also want to rely on dark colors that can disguise stains all the more without any problem. 

5. Extra highlights and attributes

A ton of rockers have included extra highlights introduced for your improved comfort; thus, consider how you will be utilizing the rocking chair as well as what pleasant-to-haves will genuinely be significant to you. 

For instance, some models additionally provide the swivel function at 360 degrees; in other words, you have the option to rotate the rocker every which way. A couple of others lean back with the pop-up ottoman. 

6. Life span

Ensure your product unit is long-lasting. Look into the product warranty. Discover how long that is for, aside from what the coverage of the warranty is.

Last but not least, question yourself how the model will appear in five years or ten from now as the room of the little one is not, at that point, a nursery. Would the rocking chair appear similarly great in an older youngster’s room, or your bedroom or living room? Well, consider the factor to decide whether or not the model is the best value for money. 

Final words: Do you need a rocking chair for baby?

The brutally unbiased answer is, a rocking chair is not “necessary.” Still, there are immense advantages to getting one. And numerous users share that it becomes among their most impressive baby-related buys at the end of the day.