DXRacer vs Maxnomic: Which Gaming Chair is For You?


The discussion about gaming chairs can be extensive since there is a wide range of options on the market. However, DXRacer and Maxnomic can be considered as the most outstanding and can be a controversial topic for comparison. If you are confusing between the two options, here is the guidance you need.

Below, the brand of DXRacer and Maxnomic gaming chair will be introduced and their key pros and cons will be demonstrated. Finally, the different features between them will be highlighted. 

What is a Gaming Chair?

If you define yourself as an amateur or professional gamer, you must have heard or even been hyped about gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs can be one of the most convenient – and comfortable – gaming accessories you will ever come across. With the advanced ergonomic designs, the gaming chairs can offer you the highest level of comfort and take you to the flow of the game.

Moreover, most of the gaming chairs are equipped with specialized features and functions for extensive gamers, they can boost your gaming experience on the new level.

That’s why even though, gaming chairs are not the most economical and affordable part of your game set-up, many gamers still invest and get hyped about buying the latest gaming chair model

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer is originally a sport car manufacturing company, which was founded in 2001 in USA. From 2006, they started to expand themselves to the world of eSports and produce a gaming set-up equipment and accessories such as gaming desks, chairs, backpack, and so on.

dxracer gaming chair
A player in a DXRacer gaming chair

Today, they are in the leading position of the gaming chairs market and being trusted for overall high quality and great ergonomic designs. In general, DXRacer is more well-known and versatile due to its long-term establishment. Among their gaming chairs products, there are five main series which you need to keep in mind, namely:

Besides, we should also mention the Special edition gaming chair series. 


DXRacer chairs are highly durable and ergonomically comfortable and have their stand on the market for quite a long period of time. They consist of various features that enhance the quality and attract the interest of many gamers. The features are mentioned below:

  • Professional appearance
  • The base material is nylon and aluminum which make it light and gentle
  • High-density foam
  • Comfy mesh
  • Back adjuster
  • Non-air pump mechanism
  • Armrests adjustable in four dimensions
  • Elastic band backrest
  • Metal frame headrest
  • 3” PU wheels

The only drawback of the DXRacer gaming chair is that they can take a lot of room in your game set up. Besides, even though, DXRacer offers a wide variety of products, they share a lot of similarities and not many differences can be seen without the specialist guidance.

Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Maxnomic gaming chairs joined the gaming chair market in 2012 and are produced by Needforseat Company. The firm earns its name on the gaming market with a variety of lines on gaming clothes and accessories and the later introduction of the gaming chair is an added value for their product portfolio.

maxnomic gaming chair in an eSport event
Maxnomic gaming chairs in an eSport event

Even though Maxnomic enters the market late, they quickly caught up with the competition and have been recommended by some big names of the eSport industry. Maxnomic gaming chairs are categorized into four regular series, which are:

  • Casual Sport series
  • Office-Comfort series
  • Pro Gaming and Office series
  • XL series series

In addition, they also have two special gaming chair lines, namely: Special edition and OSU edition.


Even though Maxnomic is a latecomer of the market, they have been updated, innovated and designed in the most advanced way to compete with other companies.

They also consist of various features to improve the gaming experience and support the sitting posture. Here are the key advantages and disadvantages of Maxnomic gaming chairs:

  • Very comfortable cushion
  • Modifiable armrests 
  • Strong leather upholstery
  • Premium feeling when you are in the seat
  • Highly comfortable pillows 
  • Easy to choose: There is a chair for everyone depending upon their size and height
  • Elastic bands for backrest support
  • Highly comfortable pillows 

In spite of the beneficial advantage, Maxnomic chairs also include some drawbacks that need to take into consideration.

Firstly, the armrests are made of plastic, which limits the comfortability of your arm. Because of the stiff design, you might get the feeling of steel after an extensive sitting.

Finally, similar to DXRacer, they are hard to assemble and can take up a lot of room. 

DXRacer vs Maxnomic: The Comparison 

Now that you have been familiar with the two names DXRacer and Maxnomic, let’s take a look into their differences. In order to make your decision easier, we breakdown the features into some criteria for the comparison purpose.

dxracer vs maxnomic


First thing first, we take the price, which is everyone’s concern into consideration.

For the starting point, you can find cheaper options in DXRacer section. The price range of DXRacer gaming chairs varies from $239, meanwhile, for the case of Maxnomic gaming chairs, the price normally starts from $329.

DXRacer RE0 – Racing Series

However, if you look consider the higher-price option, there is not a big gap between the two brands since their most expensive gaming chairs can cost up to $600. If you are looking for cheaper options with good quality, DXRacer has its advantage .


When it comes to the variety of products, DXRacer provides customers with more options and wins the battle in this category.

As can be seen from the previous part, the DXRacer listing includes five series and can reach up to 10 series if we includes the sub-series of the Special Editions. For Maxnomic, we only have four regular series from Maxnomic.

Moreover, the way DXRacer categorized their products based on the height and size is more feasible for everyone and no one might feel left out.

In addition, DXRacer also offers a wider range of color schemes and models and as a result, they are more diverse. However, it will not be a matter if you both chairs’ models fit your physique and demands.  

Customization options and accessories

In regards to customization options, both DXRacer and Maxnomic offer the basic service such as name embroidery, which create a more personalized feeling for users. For Maxnomic gaming chairs,  you can even customize the base material and piston size depends on your preferences

custom name embroidery on gaming chair
Maxnomic Dominator Custom Name Embroidery Gaming Office & Esports Chair

When taking accessories into account, there is a relatively big gap between the two competitors and based on different aspects of the gaming experience, both of them have their own advantages.

The key feature which makes Maxnomic stand out from other competitors is the SeatQuake system. The SeatQuake system the vibration system which is attached to the chair and rocks your body in accordance with the game flow. This special feature generates a more realistic and immersive gaming experience which makes you feel like physically become a part of the game, especially in the racing games. 

However when it comes to versatility and in the case of separated accessories, DXRacer has its upper hand. The DXRacer gaming chairs offer various type footrests, and mouse pads, which for some models, can even be mounted on the armrest of the chair.

Also for cushioning and other replacement parts that can be added to the chair to enhance the comfortability of the chairs, Maxnomic comes behind DXRacer for these options.


To compare the level of comfortableness of the DXRacer and Maxnomic, it is not always easy to identify which one is more or less comfortable. Since they are the top favorable brands in the market, they both offer significant ergonomic design, pleasant lumbar and neck support.

These are the features where all the comfort comes from especially for extensive gamers. The obvious difference between these two production lines is that Maxnomic chairs provide adjustable lumbar support cushion. Meanwhile, for the case of DXRacer, this cushion is attached with the chair.

The comfort will stem from your preference if you have already had experience with gaming chairs. If not, it’s always better if you have the opportunity to try to and test the chair in advance. However, both DXRacer and Maxnomic chairs have a good reputation for comfortability and it is hard to select the winner for this feature. 

Final Thoughts

So, in order to answer the question of which one is better, there’s no right or wrong answer. Since both brands have already gained their trust in the market, it will be more apparent if you know what feature you are looking for in a gaming chair.

DXRacer is always a safer option since it is produced by a well-established firm and the quality is ensured. But if you give it a try for the newcomer, Maxnomic will not let you down.

If you consider variety and reliability more important, go for DXRacer. If you prefer new innovation and customizability, choose Maxnomic.

We hope you can make up your mind with the information and be satisfied with your gaming chair buddy.