Glider vs Rocker: A Practical Comparison on the Two Popular Seating Chairs

Since you have welcomed the arrival of a little one, you are likely thinking about the way to set up the child’s room. Else, are you considering refreshing your space with a new, stylish piece of furniture? Either this or that, it is anything but a super easy undertaking since you will need some research. 

Chairs are a couple of these, and by bringing home the most suitable one, you will appreciate more using it. All things considered, do you have a clear idea of what sort of chair you ought to pick? 

For your information, rocking chairs and gliders are among the most favorable options. They are custom constructed to deliver comfort to you when you are sitting on them and unwinding. 

On the one hand, both fill similar needs. On the other hand, they vary in a few factors, although a great many people interchange the two. 

Before you choose what to purchase between them, it is not out of the question that you comprehend how different they are. Check out the guide below and gain the most informed understanding of the differences between glider vs rocker. 


The Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
The Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

1. What are they?

They are a kind of rocker intended to move as the swing seat. 

The glider chair’s whole frame comprises a seat that leverages a twofold-rocker four-bar connection to get securely attached to the base. Additionally, the furniture piece comes with suspension arms, which are not parallel. That structure hence leads the glider to stimulate a rocker’s movement or the motion as it swings to and from. 

2. Applications of a glider

It is utilized as a fantastic alternative to your yard swing. Additionally, gliders are favorite as nursery outfitting since it assists moms when they are taking care of their infants. This piece of furniture is possibly alright for babies and pets because the pinch points are not in contact with your floor. 

It is worth noting that gliders have another name of platform rockers. 


GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocker
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocker

1. What are they?

Before you dig into the variations between glider vs rocker, it helps to understand their definitions. Now that you have a better idea of what a glider is, what about a rocking chair?

It is a two-curved-band sort of chair; both bands are joined to the lower part of the rocking chair legs. And they link these legs to one another on every side. 

The bands (also known as rockers) are designed such that they contact the floor at just two points. That guarantees you will appreciate rocking to and from smoothly by moving the weight or using the feet to push the chair gently. 

You may also love that a few rocking chair models are constructed to fold. The vast majority of the rockers are out of wood.

2. Applications of a rocker

This item boasts different purposes. One of the primary ones is its utilization as a therapeutic way since its delicate movement delivers a relieving feeling. In case you do not know, its rocking movement is famous for providing a quicker transition from wakefulness into sleep. 

For more information about the rocking chair’s employment, be sure you refer to this ultimate post.

Glider vs rocker: What are their differences?

Carter's by Davinci Adrian Swivel Glider
Carter’s by Davinci Adrian Swivel Glider

More often than not, the two furniture choices are reliable for nursery purposes. They are companions with moms with infants. 

But be that as it may, they are indeed different from one another in specific characteristics. Such contrasts are: 

1. Motion

The principal distinction between a rocking chair and a glider is the manner in which they move. 

When it comes to rocking chairs, the motion has to do with the arc pattern. Meanwhile, gliders’ movement is, as a rule, to and from; a few product units swivel as well. 

2. Trappers

The rockers of rocking chairs are constructed to contact the ground at both points for every motion. That does not tend to be most suitable for pets and little children since the pinch points are likely to squeeze them. 

Then again, gliders get the points to move away from your floor, which should guarantee the little child utilizing it is somehow protected from becoming trapped. 

3. Physical ease

Many gliders are cushioned, with a large portion of them comprising coordinating hassocks for you to loosen up your feet.

On the other hand, some rocking chairs do not feature footrests, accordingly making it less comfy as you are swinging the rocker with your feet up. Notwithstanding, rockers can come with pads put purposely on them.

4. Weight

The sizes of these two pieces of furniture are different as well. 

Most of the time, gliders are less lightweight since the materials utilized are not as light. Meanwhile, speaking of a rocking chair is produced using materials whose weight is not heavy, hence making it more lightweight to carry and move around. 

5. Space

In general, a decent rocking chair does not occupy as much space as a today’s glider designed to take up a more sizable zone. 

6. Safety

Glider vs rocker in this light? Is a glider safer for children? 

It does not risk the high likelihood for your child’s fingers to become crushed by the chair’s heaviness, in addition to the weight of the individual(s) standing down on it. We are sorry, yet glider chairs have another sort of system with approaches to hurt. A child may whack himself in the face when he is playing with the glider.

Believe it or not, similar to any other furnishings, you cannot find anything completely safe. 

Comparison table

AspectsGlider chairRocking chair
MotionGlider chairs are constructed to glide back & forth in the seamless horizontal movement.Rocking chairs work to rock back and forth in line with an arc pattern and have a stronger motion.
Physical easeA lot of glider models come with ottomans for your feet and legs to relax on. Some boast springs under the cushion for enhanced comfort.Many rocker product units do not feature padding, but you can get them added.
WeightIt is on the heavier side because it leverages the more heavyweight materials.Its materials are more lightweight, which thus makes the rocker lighter as well.
Glider vs rocker: The comparison table

Some of the most related frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How long can I use rockers or gliders?

Regardless of what you opt for, you have the option to begin to utilize them directly upon your little one entering the world. Your infant is highly likely to awaken at night (& start crying) a few times, and you will appreciate two seating choices that you need to take care of your infant during the night. 

Odds are, you will leverage it regularly for the initial five months to a half year, yet afterward, the frequency will gradually decrease since your child begins to rest longer stretches around night. When your child stays asleep from sundown to sunset, you will not need to utilize the rocking chair or glider. 

But this does not mean these furniture pieces become useless. You have multiple options of use when it comes to such a miracle:

  • help you relax,
  • boost the look of your space, 
  • reduce alcohol cravings, deal with vertigo, and improve your employee’s well-being,
  • relieve your labor pain, 
  • lessen arthritis & back pain, 
  • enhance your balance, 
  • give moderate exercise, 
  • are beneficial to students, 
  • allow for quicker surgery recovery, 
  • better your sleep quality,
  • expand psychological and emotional well-being in those who have dementia.

On top of that, you can reuse rockers & gliders with every youngster you have. It is not a must to buy more than one on the grounds that the quality ought to be adequate to last a long while.

rockers vs gliders in a baby room

2. What are some common materials for these chairs?

Resin wicker

Initially, people produced wicker furniture using grasses, reeds, & then plastic. Indeed, evident advantages are present when it comes to utilizing more present-day, robust materials. It is particularly valid for furniture which you place outside. 

You may appreciate that resin wicker can stand up to the elements in a more excellent way when compared to natural materials, which settles on it as a practice option for those who like making the most of their new yard set a seemingly endless amount of time after year. 

It is worth noting that resin wicker will not break, etc. It can endure heating from the sun and heavy rains without being stretched; those factors will make the material weaker neither. At the end of the day, thanks to the solidness, it is not difficult to clean. 

Likewise, its looks vary, relying upon the material piece. It would seem like wicker from afar; however, you will tell that it is not produced using natural materials with ease when being very near. 


The excellence of wood furnishings is that it is not vulnerable to fashion changes or the passage of time. Stain the wood chair, paint it again, replace the pads to provide it with a pristine appearance in a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

Cypress wood

It is an incredible selection when you decorate your yard and all that. 

Owing to its natural oils, cypress is impervious to rot or something. You will love utilizing it for a long time, and the chair will not become unattractive following a couple of seasons. 

As a bonus, the wood’s natural oils have an extraordinary odor that humans like, but bugs do not. They will manage to push creepy crawlies away so that you will not need to stress a lot over different vermins in your outside area. 

Last but not least, the price for this wood is not as high as many other choices. 


People adored it for its solidarity and strength from a remote period. 

Cedar’s natural oils will secure the wood against rot, hence making it wonderful, particularly in damp atmospheres. Such characteristics likewise make it impervious to bacteria development. The wood boasts small air pockets inside that assist in managing the temperature even on the smokingly hot days.  


It is a well-known hardwood and has for quite some time become leveraged in producing top-notch furnishings. People can stain it to various hues, and oak is a durable option expected to last long. This wood is impervious to fungus; plus, its look is no joke. 

There are a few things to remember, however. In case the place you live in has a great deal of rainfall or is humid, oak probably will not be the most fantastic selection since it increases & decreases in size in various temperatures, consequently resulting in cracks. 

Likewise, it is not lightweight. For well-being purposes, make a point to get assistance when you have to move the chair made of this material. 

Recycled plastic

These furnishings have turned into an incredible approach to redirect materials from landfill sites and transform them into dependable and useful stuff. It is worth noting that this plastic produced using reused materials will not add to deforestation. 

For your information, the plastic utilized tends to be high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This kind of plastic does not give out dangerous gasses and is not extra harmful.

The furniture made out of this material is tough and not vulnerable to a wide range of climates, which makes it ideal for any weather. It will not need to stress over breaking and all that. The sort of furniture is likewise extremely simple to clean since it does not have minute holes or spaces through which air or liquid likely passes, aside from being impervious to scratches. Practically utilize the mixture of water and a mild cleanser, and you are good to go. 

What is remarkable is, these plastics are durable for as long as fifty years. Pleasantly speechless?!

3. How to select a rocking chair or glider?

It will be best if you consider the following factors:

  • Supportive Cushioning
  • Comfortable yet firm seat
  • Wide seat
  • Sturdy fabric 
  • Extra highlights and attributes
  • Life span

All in all: Glider vs rocker?

Both have been more and more popular, and the explanation is that people, especially infants and moms, find the to and fro motions alleviating. The movements are additionally known to bring on sleep with more ease. The two kinds of seats give comfort as well as an even trendy spot to take care of, snuggle, and read bedtime stories to your youngster despite that they vary in specific characteristics mentioned above.

After all, the choice is up to your needs and wants.