GT Omega vs DXRacer: Which Brand to Choose?

Gaming has really come into its own in the last decade or so, becoming more than a casual hobby, with some gamers dedicating their lives to immersing themselves in this art form. Of course, there’s still plenty of room for more casual players to fit in and find their own niche (mobile games don’t count, sorry AFK Arena), but no matter where you fall on the gaming spectrum, you’re going to want a decent set-up.

This one is more for the PC gamers out there, who spend more time building their rigs and developing the perfect gaming system, though console gamers are welcome too. In this article, we’re going to cover two brands of gaming chairs and accessories (as you’ve no doubt picked up from the title), and give you some things to consider from each brand.

Gaming chairs aren’t necessary, but they can certainly enhance your gaming experience, providing unparalleled levels of comfort. And if you spend a lot of your time in front of the screen (probably playing through Skyrim again), you’ll want to be comfortable. So put the controller, mouse, or keyboard down for just a bit, and read on to discover two of the best brands in gaming accessories - and more importantly, which one to choose.

GT Omega

Despite being the younger of the two brands we’re covering, GT Omega has already made quite a name for itself in the decade since the company’s inception. Beginning in 2009, GT has always endeavored to provide gamers with an exquisite home set-up at an affordable price. The brand covers everything from gaming chairs to simulation racing, to a litany of other accessories you’d expect to find in the eSports scene.

The question is: does GT Omega fulfill its own hefty promises? For the purpose of analysis and comparison, we’re going to take a look at two key factors: the products themselves (range, quality, etc.) and the prices attached to them. (We’ll examine DXRacer in a similar fashion, soon.)


The first thing you’ll notice about all of GT’s products is just how professional they look. We don’t need to tell you that black is cool, and luckily, most of the brand’s products follow this design principle, with most of their chairs and racing wheels sporting a stylish jet-colored finish.

Despite the simplicity of their general color scheme, however, their products still look very modern. It’s a great combination of minimalism and noir, and clearly the world thinks so too, given how popular the brand is.

That being said, if black-on-black isn’t your thing, you’d be better off with some of DXRacer’s products (which we’ll take a look at shortly). GT’s chairs do feature color variants, but these aren’t particularly striking, and the products were clearly designed to be black. It’s not for everyone, but it sure looks great.

Aside from chairs, the company also produces some top-of-the-line cockpits, all of which are incredibly durable and follow the same minimalistic design scheme. A cockpit and chair combination from GT is a thing of luxurious beauty, though we certainly understand if you can’t afford both.


Speaking of… Let’s take a look at those price tags. This is always the worst part about shopping for anything. It seems like all of the good stuff is protected behind a nigh-impregnable cost barrier. Then again, GT Omega did promise to give us an exquisite home set-up at an affordable price. So, do they fulfill that promise?

Well, for the most part, yes, but only just. The thing to remember is that these products are luxury items and they aren’t meant to be dirt-cheap. However, within that niche is some wiggle room when it comes to price, and for the most part, GT tends to stay closer to the cheaper side of things.

For their PRO series of gaming chairs, you’re looking at a solid $220 or more. It’ll certainly cause a dent in your pocket, but it shouldn’t cause you to become financially destitute. Assuming you buy accessories as well, however, you’re looking at north of $400, so be sure to budget way in advance if you’re considering gaming with GT Omega.

But enough of them, let’s take a look at their contenders.


Of the two, this company has been around the longest (since 2001, in fact) and has managed to maintain a great deal of popularity nearly two decades after its inception. They began as a manufacturer of car seats for luxury cars but quickly ventured into the gaming market, immediately finding a place for themselves. And they’re still popular enough for us to write an article about them in 2020, so that has to count for something.

We’re going to take a look at DX in the same way we looked at GT, by focusing on their products and the prices attached to those products. So without any further ado, let’s race.


Of course, gaming chairs are a big deal for DXRacer, and they sport some of the best on the market. DX’s chairs sport some cool designs that we imagine any younger gamer would love. They incorporate tons of cool features, and the final designs are pretty futuristic in design. Think of what people in 1985 envisioned 2020 would be like - DX lives up to that vision, and then some.

However, we will say that while there’s a lot more variety to be had here than with GT Omega, the latter’s minimal design sensibilities may be preferable to some when compared to DX’s more zany-looking sitters. They’re both great in their one way, but you need to be sure of what you’re looking for in a chair: both will provide you with great levels of comfort, but only one will suit your particular aesthetic.


Here’s where DX falls short. Most of the brand’s products are close to $300 and beyond, with even their most inexpensive line of chairs starting at $270. It’s a real shame because while the products themselves are great, a lot of people won’t get to experience them because of the premium price range.

Throwing in some accessories will probably bring you closer to $500, so if you really want to enjoy a good DXRacer set-up, be prepared to empty your wallet and then some.

GT Omega vs DXRacer: Which Brand Wins?

While both brands’ products are pretty similar in design and function, we’d recommend GT Omega over DXRacer, thanks to the former’s more reliable prices and cool designs. If you’ve got the money though, and fancy something a bit brighter and more colorful, DXRacer may be the way to go. Regardless of which one you pick, hopefully you’ll get the most out of them, and you can enjoy the gaming experience just a little more.