Herman Miller vs Dxracer Gaming Chair: Which one Wins?

If you want to upgrade your gaming chair or if you’re buying one for the first time, it's wise to compare a few brands. You’ll understand what one has that the other doesn't offer, enabling you to make an informed purchasing decision.

One ideal place to start is to check the top brands on the market. Knowing what other users have to say about them informs your choice from an unbiased perspective. This review will settle the debate around the Herman Miller vs DXRacer gaming chair.

Keep reading to see whether they share any similarities. Understanding their differences will also help you weigh which one best suits your gaming situation.

Herman Miller Gaming Chairs

The Herman Miller brand has a wide range of gaming chairs, such as Aeron Chair, Authentic Herman, and Embody Chair Grey. The manufacturer is based in America and produces office furnishings, furniture, and equipment. Recently, the company extended its specialty and started making gaming chairs.

The design of Herman Miller chairs is influenced by the need to provide users with improved back support. They also offer greater stability to swivel while enhancing forward-leaning. These chairs set the benchmark for natural alignment, pressure distribution, and support for healthy movement.

Understanding that gamers need advanced ergonomic seats, the company strives to deliver comfortable and balanced seats. Most of them come with several enhancements like copper-infused foam that supports the ideal gaming posture.

Why Choose Herman Miller Gaming Chairs?

Herman Miller gaming chairs have been made to meet certain specifications necessary for every gaming session. There are high-end chairs and feature a biomechanical look.


One of the outstanding features of Herman Miller gaming seats is comfort. They’re ergonomically designed and are highly advanced in their characteristics. The construction also offers excellent back support and provides for ease of movement without straining the lower back.


The chairs come with a 12-year warranty when you buy them. This is a guarantee that they’ll serve you for a long time without breaking or compromising your comfort. This, for many people, is a substantial investment worth every penny.


The design and materials of the Herman Miller gaming chairs scream quality. A lot of time and effort goes into the craftsmanship, which explains the durability. The seats are an asset both to individuals and businesses that are willing to meet the costs.


You can choose a seat that meets your specific needs from a wide range of products. Through the Herman Miller Website, you can select multiple features and material options to address your particular style and situation. They're available in various sizes, and everyone can find the perfect fit.


Herman Miller gaming chairs don’t come cheap. The high cost is attributed to the great quality, comfort, and ability to promote better workability. A used Herman Miller gaming chair has more to offer than some new brands on the market.

Ensure you only buy from reputable sellers to get the warranty coverage. Furthermore, be wary of fake models that incorporate some Herman Miller parts.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

The DXRacer brand is a big name in the gaming industry. The company started its operations in 2001 and is a manufacturer of luxurious car seats. Out of curiosity and inspiration, and following a lot of research, the brand produced its first gaming chair in 2006.

The range of gaming chairs come at a highly affordable price, are comfortable, sturdy, and supportive. They may not qualify as the most luxurious or high-end products on the market, but they’re reliable. They feature a refined, ergonomic, and racing-inspired design that appeals to users globally.

Why Choose DXRacer Gaming Chairs?

DXRacer gaming chairs have become the seats of choice among many pro eSports teams. Some great options the brand offers include DXRacer CE120, DXRacer bf120, and DXRacer DM61. Here are the features that make the brand an industry leader.


The DXRacer Gaming chairs are made with a steel frame covered with high-density foam padding. The models on the higher end of the price scale also feature padded armrests. The construction provides stability, support, and comfort.

The makers strive to offer you a seat that beats the soreness that comes with sitting for long. This way, you can focus a lot better on your gaming session.

The chairs are also fitted with a multi-function tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust them to a comfortable angle. You can lock the chairs in the desired position using the provided lever lock.


The chairs are equipped with adjustable armrests for extra support. The cheapest gaming chairs from DXRacer have 1D armrests, the majority are fitted with 3D (such as DXRacer RAA106 and the RZ95), while the pricier ones are 4D, specifically the DXRacer Tank Series TS29.


The quality of the steel frame used in the construction differs across models. Some are fitted with Class 4 heavy-duty metal while others have a 5-star aluminum base. Regardless of the steel quality, the chairs will comfortably provide the support you need.


The gaming chairs the company offers are mostly affordable. There are cheap seats that fall in the lower end of the price spectrum while others fall in the medium price scale.

How They Compare

When trying to choose between Herman Miller and DXRacer gaming chairs, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, both companies strive to provide products that meet the needs of the user.

Specifically, both brands take the comfort of the gamer seriously. The construction process and materials ensure that the user doesn’t become sore from sitting for long sessions. However, Herman Miller chairs are fitted with more ergonomic features than DXRacer seats.

Adjustment Options

Among the factors to think about when purchasing a gaming chair is adjustability. This includes height adjustment, backward recline, armrest adjustment, and base tilt adjustment.

Chairs from both brands are equipped with reclining features. However, the angle of recline for DXRacer models is more significant than Herman Miller models.


The two brands significantly differ on the price scale. With all its ergonomic and user-enhancement features, the Herman Miller brand is expensively priced. DXRacer Gaming chairs are more affordable, probably because they don’t have many sophisticated features.

Final Verdict

Both Herman Miller chairs and DXRacer chairs are excellent choices for people who spend long sessions gaming. They're designed for comfort, durability, adjustability, and offer proper support to your back. In adjustability matters, DXRacer models go a fuller length than Herman Miller models.

If you settle for a Herman Miller chair, be prepared to spend about three times more than you would on a DXRacer chair. Overall, Herman Miller models win the day for their physical appeal and versatility.