How long do Power Recliners Last?

How long do power recliners last? Will it break down in 2 – 3 years?

The answers to all your questions are right here.

Every electrical machine has a life, and it highly depends on how we care for those things. If we keep poor care of the machine, there is a 100% possibility that they will break down sooner than expected.

Similarly, if we maintain and take care of such machines properly, they can provide you with a lifetime of comfort.

The same is the case with these Automatic Power Recliners. If you take proper care, they will last for over 10 years, and if you don’t pay much attention to their maintenance and treat it roughly, they will only last for 2 to 4 years at max.

Later in this article, we will see how you can take good care of your power recliner and maintain it to sustain for years to come. So stay tuned with us.

How long do Power Recliners Last?

How long should a Recliner last?

If I ask you, how long should a recliner last, in your opinion? 5 Years? 10 Years?

The answer is simple; its longevity depends on the care and maintenance of the Recliner. A few recliners can last for a decade, like the one I have in my house.

But if you are not taking proper care of the power recliner, it will break down earlier, leaving you stranded on what to do now.

One solution can be to replace the motor as it is one of the things that could suddenly break down while the sofa is intact and in a new condition.

So it is up to you now. If you want your Recliner to survive a decade and even more, use it less frequently only when needed and take preventive measures such as not jumping on it and using it roughly.

How long do Lazy Boy Recliners last?

Do you have a La-Z-Boy recliner and are thinking about how long lazy boy recliners last?

La-Z-Boy recliners are known for their high-quality products that are durable enough to last a couple of decades.

It completely depends on the usage of the Recliner, but with proper care and maintenance, these lazy boy recliners can last for 20 years, and I have seen many people in my neighborhood do it.

So you can do it too. If you have a durable La-Z-Boy Recliner, take proper care of it, and it will provide you with the most comfortable experience for years to come.

How can Power Recliners Break down?

Are you worried about your power recliner breaking down earlier than expected?

Unfortunately, there are a few unexpected ways due to which these power recliners can break down.

Let’s discuss a couple of those so you can know the issues that could happen to your automatic Recliner.

Mechanical Failures

The chair can go into a mechanical failure due to the Recliner’s misaligned or worn-out parts. Sometimes the gears inside the Recliner that opens and closes it can get worn out and needs to be repaired.

A recliner is a machine, so there is a chance that its parts might get old and can cause the Recliner to malfunction. But don’t worry, replacing that specific part will make your Recliner good as new.

Electrical Failures

How can an electrical machine not run into any electrical failure? There are a lot of times power surges that can cause a malfunction in your Recliner.

But you don’t have to worry much about this factor as you can buy a Surge protector to keep your Recliner safe from any power surges happening in your area.

How do you maintain Power recliners?

If you want your recliners to last a decade, you should know how to maintain them. If you don’t follow these precautions and maintenance tips, you can expect your Recliner to run out of gas in a couple of years.

Let’s discuss a few preventive measures you should take if you have an automatic recliner at home.

Connect the Switch to the Main Power Source

The recliners use a powerful motor that opens and closes the chair. It is advisable to connect its switch directly to a power source without extensions to get the best output.

These extensions cause power malfunctions, thus damaging the motor of the power recliner.

Clean the base of the Recliner

You should clean the base of the Recliner at regular intervals, such as biweekly. It is advisable to use a cloth to remove any debris underneath it.

This is where the motor is, and there should not be any debris around it that would heat the motor due to disturbances.

Regularly Inspect the Motor’s Cord and Wires

You should check the wiring of the motor regularly to see if there is any damage to the wires. This will save you from many problems as you will know beforehand what the problem is, and you will be able to resolve it in no time.

Keep the Recliner in a Dry and Warm area

The last thing you can do is keep your recliner away from any moisture. The moisture can damage the circuitry of the Recliner.

Keeping it in a dry and warm place can save your recliner from any mechanical and electrical issues arising from moisture.

Also, try to keep any liquids away from the recliner , or else you would be to blame if any issue arises in your comfortable recliner due to that liquid slipping on it.