How To Clean a Recliner That Was Peed On?

There is no shame in having a pet. A pet is a living creature and can have accidents as well as get sick, just like humans. Cats, small children, and other pets sometimes use furniture as a bathroom. Despite being potty trained, your pet may have an accident if you forget to take him outside. However, if you have a recliner at home and your pet pees on it, fret not! We’re here to help: how to clean a recliner that was peed on?

Cleaning a recliner that has urine on it can be tricky. The hard plastic on a recliner may make it impossible to remove the smell of someone who urinated on it. The pee smell in the fabric will probably be very hard to remove. Bleach can work but will fade the colors of the base of a recliner. Learn the best ways to remove the smells and what to do if the smell persists. 

Methods to clean a recliner that was peed on

Bathroom accidents happen. But that doesn’t mean you must sit there and wallow in the aftermath. Here are some of the best methods to clean a recliner that was peed on.

Method 1: Use Vinegar and Baking Soda in a 1:3 ratio

Step 1:

Using a paper towel, dab the stain, but don’t rub it. This will cause it to penetrate deeper into the fabric. Use new paper towels as needed until the wet spot is mostly dry.

Step 2:

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water in a 1:3 ratio. The solution should be soaked into the fabric to remove the stain and odor. Vinegar and water neutralize the ammonia in urine, reducing its smell. Your coach is also thoroughly cleaned by rewetting the stain.

Note: Microfiber does not respond well to this solution because it absorbs water. The rubbing alcohol dries quickly and doesn’t leave water stains.

Step 3:

Scrub the stain with a sponge and throw it away once you’re finished. You need to scrub the couch surface and fibers very hard to remove all of the pee from the couch. This way, the odor or stain will not be left behind; otherwise, 100% vinegar can neutralize it.

Step 4:

Use about 1 cup of baking soda to cover the wet spot thoroughly. Mix baking soda with 10 drops of essential oil for a pleasant smell on the fabric. You should allow the baking soda to sit for 12 or at least 6 hours before washing the fabric. Then, check if the area is dry.

Step 5:

Upon complete drying of the fabric, vacuum the baking soda away.

Method 2: Use hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda

Step 1:

Using a cloth, wipe up the excess urine from the couch, but be careful not to rub it too hard since you might spread it further. You can absorb extra liquid with a cloth like any spilled liquid.

Step 2:

Make a spray bottle using 300 mL hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2-3 drops of dishwashing soap. Mix the ingredients by replacing the cap and shaking the bottle. Let the solution soak in for an hour, but make sure to soak the stain thoroughly. Hydrogen Peroxide disinfects and decomposes urine acid, removing the stain more easily. 

Note: If hydrogen peroxide isn’t available, you can use vinegar instead.

Step 4:

Wipe off the stain gently with a damp cloth, then wipe it with a dry and clean cloth. Your couch will be as good as new once the spot has dried, usually within a few hours.

How do you remove dried urine stains from recliners?

Recliners are cozy places to watch TV or flip through a book. But nothing ruins the relaxing atmosphere faster than a urine stain. Follow these simple steps to clean a recliner the right way:

  • Use a microfiber cloth to blot the urine stain gently. Using too much pressure may result in spreading the stain further, so do it gently. We recommend using a wet/dry vacuum if the stain is fresh because it’s the most effective way to get rid of it.
  • Prepare the solution by combining 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and 2 mugs of cold water.
  • Pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar into the solution and stir it gently for a few minutes until it dissolves. As a result, the area will be disinfected, and the acid in the urine will be broken down.
  • Take a clean microfiber cloth and dip it into the solution.
  • Using a sponge, soak up the urine stain working from the outside edges of the stain inwards in a gentle manner.
  • In case of need, repeat the process.
  • If there is any residue left after the detergent is rinsed out, blot it with a damp cloth in order to remove it.
  • If the area is wet, gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove the moisture.


In summary, we have given you all the steps you need to take in order to answer the question, How to clean a recliner that was peed on? If there’s still a stain after cleaning, you’ll need an upholstery cleaner for pet stains. You can always hire a professional to do the job when all else fails.