How To Connect a Gaming Chair To PS4

Gaming chairs are now a common device for the fanatics of games. Not only do gaming chairs bring us a number of benefits, but they also help define our distinct style. Besides, the introduction of PlayStation in general and PS4 in particular has been satisfying the need of game players with the convenience and easy use. Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you numerous advantages of using gaming chairs, followed by the guides to connect a gaming chair to PS4.

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Gaming Chairs and PlayStation

A gaming chair is defined as a type of chair designed to bring comfort to video game players. With its increase in quantity, gaming chairs have become one of the utmost items for gaming due to its great contribution to improving comfort and preventing us from long term spinal problems. Ergonomic design and exceptional features for an extensive sitter enable gaming chairs to become a hype of multiple gamers.

With regard to PlayStation, it has been one of the most favorite names for both professional and amateur game players. In particular, teenagers and young adults always desired to own this game console platform because they can play numerous games and chill with your friends right at your home.

Gaming chairs for PlayStation are different from chairs for PC games. Chairs for console games are commonly based on rocker design and features audio speakers or interactive vibration systems.

Types of Gaming Chairs for PlayStation

There are a variety of gaming chair models in the market that are made and equipped with slightly different features. Basically, gaming chairs can be classified into wired and wireless types. In fact, while some gaming chairs are wireless, others are still made with cords to connect to the PS4.

Wireless gaming chairs can still be connected to the PS4 using cords, so having a wireless gaming chair brings users more options.

Why Should We Get a Gaming Chair?


Comfort is the first benefit game players can directly get when using a gaming chair. It is an essential factor among the basic and crucial requirements of a gaming chair.

When choosing a gaming chair, comfortable design and adjustable mode should be an indispensable criterion since it helps protect our spine and enhances the sitting posture.

Most of the gaming chairs for PS4 are available with rocker design, featuring thick padding and contoured support to bring about the best comfort for users.


A gaming chair also graces the design of the game set up area besides the comfortability. This shows the highly-stylish characteristics inside the game players.

For PS4, it does not always call for an explicit gaming area; instead, the living room or common area with your family can be ideal for playing games.

Virtual reality technology

Ultimately, what matters is how we can truly enjoy the game and how we can immerse ourselves into it. Accordingly, the gaming chair is designed to bring you that fantastic experience, especially when speakers and vibration systems are included.

One of the contributors to improving players’ immersion is vibration motors. They are synced with the game’s audio bass tones. In addition, the audio system equipped with both speakers and a subwoofer generates the depth of the sound. These technologies allow you to hear and feel every bullet, explosion, and footsteps.


The value that gaming chairs bring about exceeds what you pay for them. In other words, you spend money once, then the value and quality you get will be long-lasting.

It is necessary to balance the price and the quality of the product. The gaming chairs that are both valuable and affordable are the best choice for game fanatics.

How to Connect a Gaming Chair to PS4 in General?

STEP 1: Link PS4 to the TV

Now it is time for connection. Firstly, you should ensure that the PS4 is connected to the TV.

In fact, you are just able to play games on the PS4 when connecting it to your TV. As a result, if you have been playing games with PS4 before acquiring a new gaming chair, the PS4 is already connected.

If you have just got the gaming chair together with the PS4, it is needed to use an HDMI cable to connect the TV to the PS4.

Almost all the gaming chairs link to the TV via RCA connections. In case your TV lacks this kind of connection, it is possible to use the HDMI ports. However, if you use HDMI ports, you will have to get an HDMI converter to increase the number of connections.

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STEP 2: Link the gaming chair to the TV

When finishing connecting the PS4 to the TV, you just need to connect the RCA cables from the gaming chair to the TV. This step can be directly done if there is already an RCA port on the TV. Otherwise, it is required to use the converter that is connected to the HDMI cable to connect the gaming chair to the TV. Once this is complete, test the audio from the TV to the chair to ensure the connection is properly made.

If the sound test is complete and you satisfy with the system, then sit back, relax and enjoy your loved games with the excellent gaming chair.

Detailed Guides to Connect Bluetooth Gaming Chairs to PS4

Bluetooth gaming chairs or wireless gaming chairs have become more and more popular due to their functionality and convenience. Let’ s discover how to connect them to the PS4.

STEP 1: Connect the gaming chair to the TV

Method 1. Via transmitter

Connect the wireless transmitter to TV

When receiving the wireless gaming chair package, you will see a shorter 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with green ends out of the box.

Then, you can use it to link the transmitter to the TV by plugging the green male end into the input jack on the transmitter and the other end into the audio output of the TV.

Turn on the transmitter and the chair

The wireless transmitter is fed by batteries, so make sure that you put it batteries to run the transmitter. Then, turn on the transmitter and the gaming chair. It is notable that the wireless chair needs to be plugged into power supply via a cable.

You need to make the wireless transmitter and the chair match in the same band frequency. There are only 1-2-3 bands, so it is very easy to match properly.

When all is finished, the wireless transmitter will start to receive and transmit audio signals to the paired speakers equipped in the chair.

Method 2. Via RAC audio cables

Connect RAC audio cables

Link the 2 RAC cables via the 2 B3 barrel adapters, connecting properly red to red and white to white. It is not hard to do, so do it as guided.

Connect the TV to the chair via the RAC audio cables

Plug the cables’ green end into the audio output of the TV and the opposite end into the control panel’s audio jacks integrated in the wireless gaming chairs. Then, make sure the TV’s audio output and the RAC audio cables work well.

Note: This can be directly done if you use an aux cord to replace the built-in cord of the wired gaming chairs.

STEP 2: Connect the PS4 console to the TV

This is quite easy and you all can do it quickly. Use the HDMI cable coming with the PS4 to link it to the TV.

It is advised to make sure that the PS4 console is supplied with power already. Switch the TV to the input source the PS4 is running to.

Note: With aux cord, use the aux cord to connect the controller to the gaming chair.


Gaming chairs have greatly contributed to the new approach of experiencing games of the young. Most of the people find it exciting to enjoy games with the gaming chairs due to their comfort, fashionable design, immersive technology, and the true value.

This article presents the guides to connect a gaming chair to PS4 and the detailed instructions for Bluetooth gaming chairs as well. Hopefully, the information is useful for you.