How To Stop a Recliner From Rocking?

A rocker is one of the most comfortable chairs anyone could own. A recliner chair is more comfortable than a bed and can relieve back pain, insomnia, and snoring. However, if you wake up at night to a rocking recliner, it can be very annoying and frustrating. Some people find that their recliners move from side to side when someone gets out of the chair or gets up from their seat.

Resting in a moving chair is relaxing. In contrast, if your recliner chair rocks and you want to stop the chair from rocking, you can usually fix the problem with a simple adjustment. Find out how to stop a recliner from rocking by reading this.

How To Stop a Recliner From Rocking?

Steps to stop a recliner from rocking

There is nothing more relaxing than reclining in a rocking chair. But many people find it annoying when it shakes by itself. A hinged box is attached to the frame of your rocker recliner, allowing it to rock back and forth in accordance with the movements of the user. Depending on the recliner, you can adjust how far it rocks. In contrast to office chairs, they do not have an on/off switch for turning off the rocking movement.

In other words, it is necessary to install a wedge between the frame of the hinge box and the frame of the chair. By placing this wedge, the chair will not be able to rock in any way.

Measuring the height

The first step is measuring the height between the chair frame bottom and the hinged box top in order to determine the correct height. Measure the height with your tape measure. Measure the length from the left to the right side of the frame box.

Make a hardwood cutout

In this step, the height and length of the hardwood should be cut to match the size of the wood. Make sure you use wood that is at least an inch thick for easier mounting. The hardwood should be cut to size using a table saw, bandsaw, or scroll saw.

Prepare a pilot hole

You should drill a pilot hole through the top of the hardwood with a drill bit 1/8 inch in diameter. You should make sure that it blocks approximately 1/2 inch from both ends of the piece.

Wooden block wedged

The wooden block needs to be wedged between the frame of the chair and the hinged box so it cannot move. It is a good idea to check one more time that the recliner does not rock backward.

Protect the hardwood

Secure the hardwood block to the hinged box. Use two-inch wood screws along with a screwdriver to complete the process.

How To Stop Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner From Rocking?

A Lazy Boy rocker recliner is the perfect place for enjoying a long, relaxing evening. There are some benefits to using this product for people who have difficulty falling asleep. It helps and soothes them. There is no doubt that Lazy Boy rocker recliners give all users a relaxing and comfortable place to sit.

Steps to stop lazy boy rocker recliner from rocking

It’s no wonder why everyone loves to get a rocker recliner at home. It simplifies their lives so much. But what to do if the recliner will not stop rocking? In contrast, a recliner’s automatic motion can be soothing to some and annoying to others. Since there is no on/off switch, it can’t be turned off. If you don’t want to rock in your recliner, try these tips to stop it from rocking.

You will need a measuring tape for this purpose.

The height of your chair’s hinged box should be measured between the frame’s bottom and the hinged box’s top. To get the most accurate measurement, measure the chair’s frame box in a left-to-right direction.

Then, cut a thick hardwood piece to the measured length and height. The measurement should be according to the measurement you took previously around the hinged box’s top and bottom.

At least one inch of hardwood thickness is required.

Prepare a power drill and drill a hole through the top of your hardwood according to the measurements that you cut out in the previous step.

You will need to use a marker to locate the position of the drill bit and mark it at half an inch from the end of the drill bit.

It is time to start drilling a hole in it.

By drilling and cutting this hardwood piece, you will block the frame and hinge box of the rocker recliner.

Assemble the hardwood piece and secure it between the two.

Once you have ensured your Lazy Boy rocker recliner is solid and not moving, screw the hardwood piece into place over the hole you drilled in your rocker recliner.


In the end, you can see how easy it is to figure out how to stop a recliner from rocking. f you hear squeaky sounds or anything feels loose, you may need to repeat the above steps. Otherwise, if your rocker recliner continues to rock, you may need to call a technician.