Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review

Quick Overview






  • Thick, comfortable padding for long gaming sessions
  • Durable materials for long life
  • Dense and massaging lumbar pillow
  • 180° recline function for personalized back position
  • Adjustable footrest for customizable comfort
  • Change me to a PRO


  • May squeak now and then after regular use
  • Might wobble when rolling around

Whether you play on a PC or console, every gamer needs a gaming chair. They’re the best way to stay comfortable for long gaming sessions, and let’s face it, if gaming is one of your hobbies, then all of your gaming sessions are probably long and can be strenuous on your arms, hips, back, and shoulders.

The Nokaxus gaming chair is one of the most comfortable models out there. It comes with a whole host of features that will make your gaming sessions more satisfying and rewarding. If you want to learn all about what the Nokaxus gaming chair has to offer as well as the pros and cons of the chair, keep on reading.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

The Nokaxus gaming chair is built using the racing chair model and places heavy emphasis on ergonomics to keep you comfortable, as well as help you maintain a healthy posture while gaming. It can fit any body shape perfectly and gives you the most comfortable support you could ever ask for.

The primary function of this gaming chair is comfort. It features all of the design elements needed to keep your back, arms, legs, and behind comfortable for gaming sessions stretching as long as 10+ hours. It comes with plenty of padding and an adjustable back pillow, so you can find just the right angle that suits you.

It’s surprising how budget-friendly the YK-6008 is, considering that it comes with loads of padding, has a large size, and adjustable comfort settings. You are essentially receiving a premium-quality gaming chair that costs less than $300.

Who is This Gaming Chair for?

You probably saw this coming, but the Nokaxus YK-6008 is best suited to the gamer that values comfort above all else. All of the comfortability features work together to provide an extremely pleasant gaming experience, and the chair also features a number of ergonomic design choices that keep your posture right and your body healthy when sitting down for long periods.

That’s not to say that this chair is exclusively for the comfort-savvy gamer. Gamers of all kinds will appreciate the comfort, size, and value of the Nokaxus YK-6008. Thanks to its affordable price tag, it is also a great entry-level gaming chair for those looking to get into gaming more seriously.

Console gamers might not appreciate this gaming chair as much if they have not set their console up at a desk, since it is a gaming chair after all. Still, even if you are a console gamer, if you think that you could benefit from owning this chair, then don’t hesitate to buy it.

What’s Included?

You don’t really get anything else when you order your Nokaxus gaming chair, other than the chair itself. It comes folded down and somewhat disassembled when it arrives, and setting it up takes mere minutes, so you can start gaming in comfort right away.

Overview of Features

One of the YK-6008’s most appealing features is its lumbar pillow. It is wide and thick, two characteristics that are essential for comfortably supporting the waist. The designers at Nokaxus took it a step further by also turning this comfortable waist pillow into a massage pillow.

There’s a small USB port on the chair that powers the lumbar pillow’s massaging function, which provides some nice targeted massage and relief. It’s one thing to sit on a gaming chair with plenty of thick padding, it’s another experience entirely to sit on one that massages your back and lumbar area while you play.

The high back pillow is much more ordinary. It’s basically identical to all other high back gaming chair pillows out there, save for the fact that it features Nokaxus’ signature design. It provides some decent high back support that is much needed while gaming and is dense as well.

Thanks to the 180° recline function and the footrest, not only will you be able to game in this chair for hours, but you’ll be able to put your legs up and even sleep if you wanted to! When you use these two functions in combination, you get a truly cinematic, comfortable experience.

Gamers of all sizes will be able to sit comfortably in this chair, as it can hold an impressive maximum of 350 pounds. The frame is made from thick steel, which is generally the most reliable and sturdy material you can ask for in a gaming chair.

The entire upholstery is made from high-quality PU leather, which is both easy to clean and resistant to damage. In addition, the rolling casters are made from lightweight and durable PU materials, which won’t scratch your floor when you roll around.

To lift the seat, the YK-6008 makes use of an SGS Class 3 barometer, which provides more than enough lifting power to move the weight of your body up and down with ease.

How to Install and Set Up Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Setting up and using this gaming chair is really simple. Be sure to watch this video to learn how quickly and easily set it up: 


If the Nokaxus gaming chair doesn’t interest you, then you might consider picking up the RESPAWN 200 racing style gaming chair. It’s slightly less expensive than the YK-6008 but does not include as many features, such as the lumbar pillow or footrest. Read full review of RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair here.

If you want to go even more budget-friendly, the OFM essentials collection racing style gaming chair is nearly $100 cheaper and is a great entry-level gaming chair for anyone just looking to get into gaming.


There’s plenty to like about the Nokaxus YK-6008, as you can clearly see. From the massaging lumbar pillow to the footrest, it comes with all of the functions you need to have an enjoyable, comfortable gaming experience. We hope that you found this review helpful and informative. Happy gaming!