How to Replace the Base of a Gaming Chair

Office chairs, in general, can be a surprisingly big investment depending on which one you buy. While you could always opt for one of the many cheaper options, you’ll definitely get a lot more out of one that’s more expensive.

The same can be said for gaming chairs. No gaming setup is truly complete without a dedicated gaming chair, but you may be hesitant to hand over even more of your hard-earned cash once you start looking at the options that are available to you. Not only are they incredibly numerous, but many of the quality gaming chairs you’ll come across have hefty price tags attached to them.

At the very least, you’d like to know that whatever you choose will last you for a good long while before it ever needs replacing. While a good gaming chair can endure months or even years of use, there will always come a time when it will need a good cleaning and repair.

Don’t despair. It’s not the end of the world if one component of your beloved gaming chair is broken or dysfunctional. There’s usually a very simple solution to even the most complex problems. Knowing what that solution is, however, is a challenge, and you may think it easier to just replace the chair entirely. Don’t spend any more money yet - we’re here to help.

Replacing the Parts of Your Office or Gaming Chair

How to Replace the Base of a Gaming Chair -

Before you pull out your wallet to replace your gaming chair, first take a closer look at what the problem is. More often than not, there’s usually just one component that is out of whack, and it’s usually also easy to replace or fix by yourself.

Of course, gaming chairs have many individual bits and pieces, so ascertaining where the issue lies can prove challenging. Take a look at these different parts to try to determine the source of the issue:

  • Wheels
  • Base
  • Lift cylinder
  • Tilt control mechanism

If one or two of these are giving you issues, there’s no need to replace the entire chair. That being said, if you find that most of them are causing you grief, it may indeed be time to purchase a new chair, depending on how expensive replacement parts are.

Replacing the Base

The base of your gaming or office chair is perhaps its most crucial component because, without it, the chair is essentially useless. This is why we’re going to be paying special attention to replacing this part, though we’ll be going over the other components briefly in a while, too.

You’ve probably already endeavored to treat your gaming chair with as much care as possible. While they generally look very nice, they don’t exactly seem like they’re designed to withstand a lot of abuse. Despite this, the base of your chair can endure quite a bit before it needs replacing. After all, this is the component that is more likely to bump into other things.

Eventually, however, a day will come when it needs replacing. A replacement base can be expensive - even your average, run-of-the-mill replacements can average around $30 or so - so you’ll want to ensure that you get the best possible deal and treat that replacement with even more care.

If you can afford it, we would recommend opting for an aluminum base replacement that will be able to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

How to Remove and Replace Your Base

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Removing and replacing your base doesn’t require a degree in mechanical engineering. The process is relatively simple once you break it down, which is exactly what we’ve done for you. Follow these steps, and you’ll be alright.

Step One

Before you start disassembling your chair, you’ll want to cultivate a clean working environment. Find yourself a reasonably sized flat surface that is clear of any obstacles, and lay down some newspaper or scrap paper, filling the entire area. Gaming chair bases include a gas cylinder that is coated in grease, so expect your working area to get a little messy.

Gloves are a good idea, too, though they aren’t necessary.

Step Two

Roll your chair over to your working area, then flip it on its back. You’ll need clear access to the base in order to get working.

Step Three

At the center of the base, there should be a holding clip that needs to be removed. To do this, you’ll need some needle-nose pliers or a flathead screwdriver. Tool in hand, all you need to do is bend the clip open ever so slightly to allow the base to slide off the piston.

Step Four

Get rid of the washer that is at the top of the base around the piston. It should come off easily - a pull and a tug, and you’re in business.

Step Five

To pull the base out, pull on it while turning it counter-clockwise at the same time. The base and its gas cylinder should pop out as one piece, and you’ll now thank yourself for laying out that newspaper. The grease along the base is likely to leave a mess. All you need to do now is replace the base, then reverse these steps to get it attached once more. It is as easy as that.

Replacing Other Parts

Your wheels, lift cylinder, and tilting control mechanism may all require replacing at one point or another. Look out for another guide from us soon on how to do each of those. Expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $30 for replacements for each of those components. Again, if more than one of them needs replacing at any given time, it may be cheaper to simply replace your chair entirely.

Final Thoughts

Just like that, you now know how to replace the base of a gaming chair. We hope this guide has been useful, and we sincerely hope that you are successful in maintaining and repairing your beloved gaming chair and that it will be better than new when you are done with it.