Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

Quick Overview






  • Leather bound durability that is stylish enough to decorate the office
  • Ergonomic, segmented design for precision comfort no matter how you choose to sit
  • Adjustable settings for both the headrest and backrest for versatile use
  • Additional footrest that can extend for perfected seating or relaxed gaming
  • Supports 275 lbs for the best comfort


  • Does not feature a breathable design
  • No extra comforts

Video gaming has been a long-growing trend, starting as far back as the 1980s. Many glorious achievements mark the halls of gaming fame. After all, it is one of the most entertaining examples of human creativity. It is quite relaxing to come home to any of the many platforms and just sit back and enjoy your favorite genre.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

Respawn is a brand of gaming chairs designed to meet the needs of every competitor. Whether for use in extended, long-running gauntlet matches, or for rapid-fire, quick match play, this chair is made to fit your every need. It can also be used simply as an office chair.

This brand is endorsed by OFM, a furniture distributor that has long been celebrated in the business. Passion drove them to step up and advance their industry. To this day, this passion drives them to produce the kind of innovation every gamer demands.

The 110 Gaming Chair is one of their many fine creations. They also make specifically detailed chairs for Fortnite and other online title enthusiasts. They aim to perfect the comfort and practicality of their chairs so that they can be used for a variety of flexible purposes.

Who is This Gaming Chair For?

This product has a wide target market. It is a suitable choice for office employees who spend their time pushing papers to bring home the bacon. If you spend a lot of time sitting, then you’ll be aware of the complications that can occur. By no standards are these complications healthy. The blood flow restrictions from sitting in an unsuitable chair can produce long-term complications.

Even for gamers, it is advised to seek better seating arrangements. By design, the benefits that the chair offers are better suited for hardcore gamers. It is suitable for the office and provides a very stylish look. In the man cave or at the battle station, it would seem most suiting.

What is Included?

Basically, you will receive the collective parts of your chair. You will have to assemble it yourself unless bought assembled. If you happen upon a special offer or a package deal, you may get a few extras included. The assembly instructions come with the parts, which are simple enough to quickly and easily assemble at home.

There are also a few helpful videos available on YouTube if the instructions prove a little difficult. More than that, the brand extends a warranty with their product.

Overview of Features

The design of the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair features the sleek make of race cars. This design makes it both sleek and stylish, as well as luxurious and comfortable. It is made with a padded, segmented design to provide ergonomic contouring for support and comfort where you need it.

It also features an extendable footrest that is ideal for PlayStation and Xbox platformers or for laid-back lounging. It has an adjustable headrest and is cushioned with support pillows and armrest padding for all-around comfort. The back support can also tilt backwards, and it has full rotation-enabled, dynamic-movement feet with wheels.

It can support 275 lbs and is bound in bonded leather of various bold colors. The best feature about the Respawn 110 is that it is an affordable option. It may, however, lack the conveniences of pricier chairs, such as breathability, cup-holders, or a keyboard rest. However, it will cost you less for its impressive level of comfort.


To give you precise instructions to assemble your chair may only be repetitive and of no use to you. The instructions are included and provide the correct diagrams that too many words would not explain. It is not difficult to get the best from your chair, sit back, relax, and be able to kill plenty of virtual competitors.


Sure, alternatives are available, even from Respawn. If you have the money to buy something more expensive, maybe look into Respawn’s Fortnite chairs. You can even look for the many other brands that are available. GTRACING produces a few innovative gaming chairs, but note that the Respawn 110 is a much more affordable option.


If you're looking for an affordable enhancement for your office or gaming seating, the Respawn 110 would be the ideal option for you. It is stylish enough to decorate the office and ergonomically designed to aid the hardcore gamer. It is also the perfect choice as an entry-level gaming chair or as a budget-friendly gift for a pen pusher.