RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair Review

Quick Overview






  • Good quality for its price range
  • Excellent breathability
  • Incredible comfort with padded leather seating and racer style design
  • Durable design thanks to the steel tube frame


  • No physical instructions that come with the chair to explain assembly or use
  • Made of real leather, so it isn’t vegan friendly

Gaming has quickly grown to become one of the most popular hobbies and careers in the modern world. Over the years, thousands of games have come out with the various consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the PC getting upgrade after upgrade to its capabilities.

But games and platforms aren't everything there is to the culture. There is so much paraphernalia that goes into this hobby, with some being purely novelty, while others are more practical. For example, in this article we will be reviewing the RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair and showing off its features and why it’s a great bit of hardware to include in your rig.

RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair

RESPAWN is a well-known name in the gaming industry, known for making various gaming paraphernalia such as gaming chairs and gaming tables. Their chairs are well-known for being high-quality chairs modeled off of racing seats, to provide maximum comfort for hours-long gaming sessions.

This particular model, the RESPAWN 200, is one of their older models, but it stills holds up as a quality gaming chair that exemplifies the ideals they want to achieve. They strive for complete comfort no matter how long you use it for.

Who is This Gaming Chair for?

The target audience for this gaming chair is gamers who want to game for long hours in style and comfort. The chair is designed specifically with this purpose in mind, so its features cater to an audience in the gaming community.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a gamer to enjoy its features, however. This can work wonderfully as an office chair in your home, or your workplace if they allow it. Compared to other racer-style gaming chairs made by RESPAWN, this is on the cheaper side, going for $255.99 on their online store.

This is on the lower side of the middling price range they offer, with a few chairs being cheaper but most being more expensive.

What’s Included?

Each purchase of the RESPAWN 200 gaming chair lands you with a box containing the chair itself, deconstructed and ready for assembly, as well as the screws and bolts and an Allen key. The assembly instructions are available in a PDF format online, off the store page on their website. Other than the chair and tools to assemble the chair, you will also get a document stating the warranty and a sticker to match.

Overview of Features

The RESPAWN 200 gaming chair has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for any gamer, and just about anyone looking for a comfortable chair to sit in for hours at a time. This is mostly attributed to its stylized design. Drawing from the racing chair style we often see gaming chairs adopt, it comes with excellent back and neck support to keep you comfortable at all times, no matter how intense and heated the game can become.

The mesh backing is an innovative design that increases breathability to the point of actually cooling you down during warmer weather or more heated games. This feature is even nicer when you consider the bonded leather seating, for as any leather user will point out, the material gets very hot and sticks to the skin in the heat.

The chair can also recline up to 130 degrees with an infinite angle locking mechanism and a lumbar support pillow to further lend in keeping you comfortable in use. The armrests are 2D and can be adjusted according to height and depth. The entire chair is padded and segmented for maximum comfort and is all held together with a steel tube framing that makes it quite durable, able to hold up 275 pounds in its weight capacity.

In terms of features that weren’t precisely desirable, or features that were sorely missed and felt missing from the finished design, there isn’t much to speak about. This is a pretty solid gaming chair to invest in should you be looking for a gaming chair that isn’t too expensive and will be comfortable for a long time with its long lifespan.

If there were anything to nitpick about, it would be the lack of hard copies of assembly and usage instructions that come with the actual product. These are things you have to find online, and while it isn’t too much of a hassle to find off their store page, it can still be annoying to have to refer to a screen on your phone or computer rather than a physical piece of paper.

Many people firmly believe that when it comes to products that must be assembled, there should always be a set of instructions that come with the box.

How to Assemble the RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair

For a video tutorial on how to assemble the RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair, you can follow the official video below.


The RESPAWN 200 is a great chair, one of the best chairs you’ll find in its price range. It isn’t amazing because of the inherent quality of the build or materials, but rather because of the fantastic features that come with its smart design.

That being said, if you were to look at an alternative, there are very few that could be recommended that would give you the same quality without suddenly leaping in price, so the best options would be to look at the other RESPAWN chairs.

They have plenty of options available, some cheaper, many more expensive, but they rarely go beyond $300 in price. This means you can get a similar or even much better chair for around the same price range.

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This is a wonderfully ergonomic and inexpensive chair. It isn’t the best gaming chair in the world, not by a longshot, but it is still really good for the price you’re paying. It’s that bang for your buck that really matters, and if you invest and look after this chair, you won't regret the purchase.