Secretlab Omega vs. Dxracer: Which Gaming Chair is Better?

If you are at all familiar with gaming chairs, the names Secretlab and DXRacer have probably come up. If you are still searching for the gaming chair that will be perfect for you, you may need some guidance on these two brands; specifically, which one is better, or more worthy of the investment.

Worry not, gamers, we are here to help. So let's get right into it so we can make a final decision when it comes to Secretlab Omega vs DXRacer.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs can be some of the most convenient - and comfortable - gaming accessories you will ever come across. They are typically ergonomically designed to provide you with some of the highest levels of comfort you will ever come across. Unlike normal office chairs (which can come in a variety of forms on their own), gaming-specific chairs also come with a ton of convenient features to ensure that you - the gamer - can have the best experience possible.

Two leaders in the gaming chair industry are Secretlab and DXRacer. Both have a variety of models to choose from. With such variation and choice, it can be challenging to make the right purchase. But that is what we are here for.


The founders of Secretlab were professional gamers themselves. The two men (Ian and Alaric) claimed that they struggled to find a quality gaming chair that ticked all of their boxes. Their specifications for what makes a good gaming chair include: comfort, even after long play sessions, high-grade materials, well-designed visually, and a reasonable price for all previous stipulations.

After not being able to find a quality chair that could live up to their expectations, the two set out to create their own. Thus, in 2015, the first Secretlab chair was released to a positive reception.


DXRacer was founded in 2001 and actually began as a manufacturer of car seats for sports cars. It was only out of curiosity that DXRacer began producing gaming chairs, with the first being released in 2006. DXRacer then immediately headed for the world of eSports.

Since then, the company has developed a wealth of different products, including its renowned gaming and office chairs. Today, they are considered to be the world leaders in quality gaming and office chairs, being trusted for their consistently great, ergonomic designs and overall high quality.

Secretlab Omega vs. Dxracer

So Which One is Better?

Now that you have been properly introduced to two of the world’s best gaming and office chair brands, it is now time to answer the question of which one is better. Comparing brands as a whole can be difficult, so we will analyze the consistency of the quality of their individual products. (We will not be reviewing any of these products, however, though some will inevitably be mentioned).

Pedigree - How Long Have These Brands Been Around For?

The short answer here would obviously be DXRacer. Having been established in 2001, they beat Secretlab by some 14 years. (In fairness, DXRacer’s first gaming chair was only released in 2006; even so, this still beats out Secretlab by nine years).

How long a brand has been around does not determine the overall quality of its products, but because of their extensive experience, DXRacer is the most trusted of the two, being well ingrained into the professional gaming scene and eSports.

Range - How Many Products Are On Offer?

This one is also quick and easy to answer. DXRacer has 10 different series of chairs available, while Secretlab only has four. Within each series of chairs from DXRacer, there are a variety of different models from which to choose. The sheer number of different products available almost guarantees that you will find the right one for you.

Quality - How Well Do the Chairs Hold Up?

While DXRacer makes some truly fine products, all of their chairs are outfitted with the same PU leather upholstery. Secretlab offers far more variety in this department, giving you the choice between three different types of upholstery: Prime PU leather; Softweave fabric; and NAPA leather. The latter will probably cost you a little more, but it may well be worth it.

Price - Which One Will Cost You a Prettier Penny?

The exact price of these chairs will obviously be determined by the individual models, but overall it seems that Secretlab has more variety of features and utilities for less money.

Final Thoughts

So, the answer to the question: which one is better? Well, this is a tough one to answer. If you want something that you know will give you the high quality that you will pay for, DXRacer is the way to go. But if you are willing to take a risk and try a brand that has not been around as long, go for Secretlab.

Both brands together provide you with enough variety for you to choose the right one. The answer to the question of which is the better brand will become more apparent once you know exactly what you want.

For variety and reliability, choose DXRacer. For innovation and customizability, choose Secretlab Omega.