Why are Gaming Chairs so Expensive?

Acquiring all the necessary parts and bits of hardware for your ideal gaming setup can be a challenging and expensive feat to pull off. You’ll need to know what to look for before you start gathering all of the necessary items, and you will need to have enough funds to pay for it all.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. You may have a bit of money stored away for just this occasion, but you probably will not be able to buy everything you need at one time. This might mean that you will need to save up a substantial amount of money to get the things you need before you can get the things you want.

Even then, you may be astonished by the prices of some video game items, or hardware components. When it comes to accessories, a designated, specialized gaming chair is an absolute necessity for some, but it is merely a superfluous addition for others. However, both camps can agree that the prices of these glorified office chairs are at times extremely expensive, if not outright exorbitant.

Why the hefty price tag, though? Why do gaming chairs demand so much of your hard-earned money? As you will learn in this article, there are a number of reasons for the exorbitant price - let us take a look.

Factors that Affect the Gaming Chairs Price


On a fundamental level, there is not much of a difference between gaming chairs and expensive office chairs. The uses of both are fairly limited, and both perform the same general function, such as supporting and upholding your backside.

There is one key superficial difference, however, between gaming chairs and office chairs - their designs.

Simply put, it is very clear which of these two types of chairs values form over function. Gaming chairs generally feature sporty and stylish designs, which is notably different than the simplistic and minimalistic aesthetics of office chairs.

Considering this, if you do not put a lot of stock into the look of your chair, it may be better to purchase a simple office chair. This will definitely save you some money while still performing the same basic function.

Then again, gaming chairs typically feature several other functions that office chairs don't, but we will go over that soon enough.

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One distinct area in which dedicated gaming chairs often excel over normal office chairs is in the potential level of comfort they can provide. Gaming chairs are often designed with comfort in mind, as well as ergonomics. Office chairs are not meant to be lounged in. Therefore, they are better suited to be sat in for a few hours or so at a time. This is in contrast to gaming chairs, which are made to keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

Again, if you are not a hardcore gamer, you could probably stand (or in this case, sit) to get a normal office chair, unless you have loads of money to spare. However, if you do sit in front of your computer for several hours at a time, you will want to be comfortable. If this is the case, a gaming chair will be your best option.


Another reason why gaming chairs are more expensive than traditional office chairs is the level of adjustability they provide. Most gaming chairs feature backrests that can be tilted to suit the curvature of your back, as well as detachable armrests.

You probably will not find any of these features in office chairs, which are designed to be fixed upright to keep your back supported as you slave away in front of a monitor all day. This can lead to several different physical problems and conditions, which is why gaming chairs are generally considered to be more ergonomic.

Essentially, you will be paying more for the increased level of adjustability and ergonomic value. Again, these added features will not make much of a difference if you do not plan on being seated for too long.


We touched on this briefly in our previous section while discussing the different levels of adjustability many gaming chairs provide. Generally, gaming chairs are far more ergonomically designed than other chairs.

They provide ample back support while still maintaining your eye level with your screen. They are generally able to fit the height of your desk. Overall, all of these features amount to a far healthier, safety-centric experience that decreases your chances of being afflicted with any debilitating conditions.

The Average Price of a Gaming Chair

Many gaming chairs will set you back anywhere between $200 and $400, but this number can either decrease or increase depending on the specific features you want or need.

Another factor that greatly influences the price of a gaming chair is the brand associated with it. It makes sense that you will be paying more for gaming chairs that are produced by “premium” brands. In general, your more exclusive brands are Omega GT and DXRacer, which have both been producing high-quality gaming chairs for years now.

Of course, the quality of their individual products can vary, and not every chair they produce is a winner, but in general, both of these brands are trusted and adored by many.

If you are not too concerned with branding, you should definitely consider getting the cheapest chair possible that still includes all the features you want. Be selective, and make sure you search for the best deal possible before you spend more than you need to.


Gaming chairs are definitely a luxury product, but there are still several options and alternatives available for you to look into. In general, if you are concerned with ergonomics and customizability, opt for an economically friendly entry-level gaming chair. Otherwise, a normal office chair will serve you well, as long as you do not spend too much time seated.

Hopefully, we have given you a better idea as to why gaming chairs can be so expensive, as well as whether you should spend your money on one.